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Sunday, January 1, 2012

first of 2012, wooooah

Prepare for a game of catch-up! Luckily, as readers, y'all do not have to read this in "real time"--i.e. as I type. If that were the case, it would be a painful experience, because I'm typing pretty much solely with my left index finger. I burned the right one on the stove today*, and it is currently undergoing rigorous icing. So, slow typing this evening.

However, I am starting the year out right by getting back on the Deity Train. I was fortunate enough to have completed the drawing before my tragic finger accident. I'm still a bit wary about clogging up my blog with them, though, so I posted today's on twitter. There should be a link over there to your right in the sidebar (you should see my five most recent tweets over there. Apologies if you're reading this three weeks from now.) Worry not, Twitter Averse: I'll try to post groups of them up here on the blog once a week so that you'll get to see seven at a time.

Other things:

We had a New Year's party last night, and it was super fun. We got all classed up. I wore the dress that Daniel got me for Christmas** and he wore the schnazzy Calvin Klein tie I picked out for him recently. Our peeps looked extra hot, too. Pictures!:

Christmas was lovely, despite my being sick the whole time I was in Portland. My family is wonderful, and my mom took good care of me. Plus, I got to see all of my best friends, so no complaints here. The festivities were punctuated by the rather sudden passing of my great grandma, and the funeral (and typical  family drama) that followed, but I know she's in a better place, be it simply in restful sleep beside my great grandpa or enjoying herself in some blissful afterlife. Many drinks were raised, since many humans (72 and counting--6 kids, 22 grandkids, and 44+ great grandkids, including meself) are currently alive because of her. May we all be so lucky as to reach 94 years of age and still be totally lucid and witty.

Let's see.. I also got addicted to Misfits over break, and am re-watching all of it with Daniel not two weeks later (it's that good. seriously). He, too, is rightly hooked.

BEST TV SHOW EVER. ...well, at least since The Wire and Pushing Daisies.
image from sharetv.org

Aside from that: the second cat we wanted to adopt had already, again, been chosen by someone else the day we called about them. Ugh.

Would you look at that? This only took me about an hour to type up. Heh.
Now we're going to watch more Misfits so I don't think about my stupid finger. Stupid, idiot finger. I apologize for typos--I have not the patience to proofread tonight.

Here's hoping 2012 is awesome. 2011 was amazing, so this year has some big shoes to fill.

*when I say "burned", I mean seared. Like a skinless chicken breast in a hot, buttered pan. It was pretty heinous. And, since burns are the worst, it is becoming progressively more painful instead of less.
**Catherine: the one I tried on at the Narnia Changing Rooms place!! He bought it, all sneaky-like, while we were checking out boots!