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Monday, January 9, 2012

Daily Deities #6-10

As promised! Some deities. And I didn't clean any of them up in paint/photoshop/anything, so there you go. You can admire how much I utilize the eraser or, conversely, the delightful quality of the background sketches (which I've been doing a better job of trying not to erase).

St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers

"Gregory" who is a sneaky peak of a character I made up.
He was basically Odin, without me even trying. So there you go. Gregory/Odin. And there's even some COLOR.

I had kitties on the brain! cartoon kitty in the corner,
and one of Freya's cats (who *MAY* be based on my new kitty. haha), front and center.
And no erasing on this one. I doodled it with my fine-tip Pentel R.S.V.P.
(which is my favorite type of ball-point pen)

Xolotl! He's pretty cool, and I'm very proud of this one. I looked at old paintings of him for style references,
but made up a lot of the design myself based on the description of his character and stories about him.
Look him up! Here's the image I used for reference.

Vulcan. More color! There was a thing where people would sacrifice a red bull calf and red boar to him.
I got the idea for how to draw the flames from this illustration.

So there you go! Not quite seven, and posted on a Monday instead of Sunday, but at least I'm working on it! And, as I may have mentioned yesterday, a few of the non-picture-producing days were spent with my nose buried in various books and literary magazines until well past midnight--which is great. I love productive days, and the more I read, the better. That probably goes for most people. Read! It's great!

I'm hoping Daniel will help me figure out some Photo Shop stuff so I can color the Xolotl drawing on the computer instead of potentially ruining it with my poor marker-or-pencil-coloring skills. Don't even get me started on watercolor. sigh.

In other news (<--my favorite segue):
I'm not in a bad mood today, per say, but I've definitely been experiencing some anger. Not worth getting into, but it means today is definitely a Snuggle the Kitty and Listen to the Muppets kind of day--and, as a result, I'm feeling a little better now! Plus, Daniel assigned me the deity of Baba Yaga to draw today, and that's exciting and challenging. He knows what's good for his lady.*

*stories about scary Russian witches