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Monday, September 17, 2012

just beachy

I went to the beach this weekend--Rockaway, Cannon, and Ecola. The Oregon coast is probably the best coast, not that I'm biased or anything.

 It was 65* and absolutely beautiful. And tide pools are the way to my heart. It was a much needed break from Real Life.

Ok, business:
As you can see, I am still in the states. Daniel is abroad, workin' hard at his awesome new job and impressing everyone with his mighty brain. I am not going to get into why we are in two such drastically different geographical locations, because it's a long and complicated story that makes me grumpy. But we are fine. As a unit, we are awesome--and that's really what matters. :)

Since I'm not really in a chatty mood, I turned comments off. After this, it should be back to blogging-as-usual. Thanks bros.

But, back to distractions, look at this table I painted! It used to belong to my great grandparents. I've always loved this table, but the finish was in terrible shape and made it look dingy more than artfully-antiquey, if you know what I mean. Sorry about the color quality--all I have is my cell camera (Daniel has the nice one).

Here it is, all sanded. I forgot to take one before I sanded it, but it was uniformly that dark brown that you see in the detailing on the sides.
Before painting it, I coated it with some stuff (the name escapes me) that will make dipping it really easy if I ever want to strip the paint and get it back to the wood base in the future.

Again, color apologies. It's now a light, buttery yellow up top and a cool, winter gray on the bottom. As you can see, I am a sucker for the current color-block/paint-dip trend. I think it looks great. (It's even better in person.)

One last thing: look at this hilarious tiny lemon from our backyard! It's about the size of my pinky nail. The tiniest ripe lemon!

Ok, now I'm off. Gotta go study up on Lugh and the Dagda for work. Woo! Nothing says Escapism like Celtic Mythology and a butt ton of grad school homework. ;)

Monday, September 3, 2012

End of Summer

We leave very, very soon. Tomorrow will be a flurry of last minute laundry and errands and packing. If I think about it for more than a second, I get kind of overwhelmed. Instead, here are a bunch of pictures from a trip to the lake like THREE WEEKS AGO!

It was a great day--lots of swimmin'--even if I *did* have to spend most of the afternoon on my laptop (I know! I know!) DOING HOMEWORK (OMG I KNOW).

So, yep. Lots of errands to run still. I don't want to talk about this whole "moving experience" in too much detail before we get there, because, again, thinking about everything makes me want to vomit. Give me a week or two to decompress (and finish my next grad school packet). Hopefully we'll have new pictures of our flat, too! Though it miiiiiight not be furnished. We may be sleeping in a pile of blankets on the floor for a while. I'm ok with it. It's carpeted! haha.

Alright. Now for the obligatory photo of my cat:

More pictures next week! Or whenever we have internet! YEAH!