who the heck knows anything, anyway


oh, hey! pleased to meet you

  • I'm a 2014 graduate of Pacific University's MFA in Creative Writing (fiction).
  • I’ve been art- and prose-published in some places (Barrelhouse, Hobart, Rivet, Distillations/Chemical Heritage Foundation…).
  • I’ve played lead as a lit mag’s art director (Barrelhouse–the best lit mag).
  • I’ve designed some book covers, logos, and merch.
  • I’ve tattooed.
  • I’ve helped some people get through high school, college, and grad school. I believe that moral support is a big part of what gets people through, and I think an editor can–-and should-–provide some of that. Learning is fun! You’re killin’ it! 
  • I’ve deleted previous websites in times of emotional turmoil, because being a human who keeps a website can be stressful and expensive. All you really need is a good domain name and a free blogger account.
  • I left Twitter a very long time ago.
  • I’m still on instagram, though.

I did a short interview for Barrelhouse recently, and you can get to know me fairly well through it (and this blog, natch), so I'll link that here, too.

Tom from Book Fight! blurbed me thusly*:

"Killian Czuba is the roux that thickens your soup; seemingly ordinary at first, but capable of alchemy, of binding the unbindable, of stabilizing the unstabilizeable. In the four course meal of life, she's the unsung hero--not as flashy as the ceviche and the foie gras but infinitely more important. The cornerstone of the entire culinary experience, she is flour and butter combined and cooked over low heat and transformed into something magical and unexplainable."

*this blurb was sort of a Book Fight! in-joke, but I'm using it because it was very flattering