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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Most of this Ended in Footnotes.

Things I have been thinking about:

1. Motivation Deficit*
My writing is a bit tapped out this week, and I don't know if I'll have my next segment ready in time. I suppose I could analyze this any number of ways, but I think simplicity is best in this case: I just need a little time to, as Anne Lamott suggests (and I may be paraphrasing a little), "fill back up." So I've been doodling and working on an editing job and reading a great nonfiction book.

2. I am out of Nat Shermans.
Do I buy more?**

3. Comics/Graphic Novels
I need some suggestions on new stuff to read. I have felt woefully under-comicked since 100 Bullets and Scott Pilgrim ended*** and a certain bald man and I had a falling out****.

4. Food
My stomach has been in a bad way a few evenings in a row. I need to figure something out. I'm preemptively blaming an over-doing of legumes paired with inconsistent meal times. ALSO: if you have a really great food blog you read, send it my way. I'm forming a collection.

5. I want to...take a class.
I think part of my lack-of-motivation-due-to-brain-emptiness could be aided by my learning something new. However, the community ed classes (i.e. cheap, and aimed at actually learning things--well, in theory) at the local community college all look super boring and easy. I was hoping for something like Intro to Clock Making or Motorcycle Mechanics 101 or Marine Botany for the Perpetually Curious. I mean, I would pretty much go for anything interesting. But Cheap Classes are apparently synonymous with Hella Boring Classes (Bookkeeping! Beginning Spanish! Meyers-Briggs Tests To Learn More About Yourself! Learn to Row!). The closest to my liking was Hands-On Home Repair, but my dad can teach me everything in that/the entire Do It Yourself section (and my dad taught himself how to fix crap and BUILD A HOUSE like 100% from a book, so I have relative confidence in my ability to fix a sink). I just want to learn cool stuff! Why is that so friggin' hard?! UUUUGHGHHDSSHAJBEEIKDSA. It's tough to be a modern girl who wishes she had the apprenticeship opportunities available to boys like a gagillion years ago. (angst. angst. angst.)

But now I am hungry, and will go eat lunch so as to avoid putting it off until 4pm (see #4). Then I will probably nap, because that is my awesome new habit.

*this is fairly writing-specific. Art-wise, I'm feeling very motivated, but suffering the exact opposite problem--a great lack of projects.
**if yes, do I buy them sooner or later? kind of awesome for my general health that this is a possible debate, though.
***partially a result of being busy. I'm just now catching up on all the awesome crap like Old Man Logan--which I have on hold at the library. Come to me, Millar!
****So, please, do not suggest: Powers, Goldfish, Siege, etc. I will not read them^ (and I wouldn't have read Siege anyway, because his Marvel stuff was never as good as his creator-owned work). Also, note that he once told my class that he thinks it's stupid to use a lot of speech bubbles. And yet, behold this satirical representation that is oh-so-accurate: http://www.letsbefriendsagain.com/2009/06/28/its-under-investgation/ 
^I did read Powers for a long time, I just do not continue to read Powers. There are some writers who are probably egotistical jerks whose books I still read, but they were not jerks to me, repeatedly, so I don't mind admiring their work. I just try not to meet people I admire anymore. I am oft disappointed.^^
^^This is part of why I maintain a goal of being super nice to everyone. I would not want anyone to be disappointed in me.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

221B Baker St.

Our new apartment number is 304. I am not quite sure why, but I take this as a good omen:


304 = 24 × 19. 304 is the sum of six consecutive primes (41 + 43 + 47 + 53 + 59 + 61), sum of eight consecutive primes (23 + 29 + 31 + 37 + 41 + 43 + 47 + 53), primitive semiperfect numberuntouchable number, nontotient...and the record number of wickets taken in English cricket season by Tich Freeman in 1928.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, it's official! Daniel and I have finally moved into our rad new pad. It even has a sweet, 1930's built-in Frigidaire refrigerator that has been re-purposed as a big cabinet. I was hoping to use it as a cheese closet, but Daniel reminded me that we currently have a lot more baking materials than we do cheeses. One day, this will not be the case. One day, I will have so much cheese in my house.

Ironically, less than twenty-four hours after moving, I find myself sleeping once more in my parents' basement. Granted, it is only until Saturday--that's when we load up a big ol' truck and haul all of my crap about 180 miles northerly. However, I still feel a little funny embarking upon the list I am about to embark upon, since the subject of said-list is "moving," and I am currently back where I started. No matter! A list is fun to write, regardless, so write one, I shall.

Reasons that Moving from Daniel's Old Place to Our New One is the Best Thing Ever:

- Midnight Dog Races, courtesy of the upstairs neighbors, will no longer be an issue because WE ARE ON THE TOP FLOOR*. HA.

- We are no longer living on a super busy street with windows that seem to think any sort of insulation (be that noise or heat) is for babies.

- There are no large holes in our ceiling, no dripping walls, and no broken toilet seat covers that jab into your butt.

- I will no longer wake up at 3am to the fascinating conversations (and cigarette smoke) wafting through said-windows from the downstairs neighbors. The last lovely little nugget to wake me up was about how the guy may have been an accessory in vehicular manslaughter and was going to just go pack a bag, to be safe. A quote: "How was I supposed to know she had just killed someone?" Try going back to sleep after that.

- There is a special little nook for my Mary statue! This is important, because I am obsessed with religious iconography, and Catholic things in general.

Mostly, I'm excited for a new beginning. It feels a lot like summer camp right now--like we're two hooligans who, by some clerical error, got put in the nice cabin. But, heck yeah! I love being in the nice cabin. I shan't complain.

*it's only a three-floor building, though, so don't be mislead by my statement and think we're in some chichi fancypants high-rise (note: you will never see us living in a fancypants high-rise). And three floors is good, because there is no elevator--something which sucks a lot when you are moving, but that your legs probably appreciate in the long run.**
**ha! legs... long run... I'm hilarious