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Friday, April 20, 2012

Our lives just got totally insane

Some of you may have noticed an odd internet silence on my part over the last few days. This is because Daniel took me on a surprise trip to Disneyland. I am not even kidding.
(note: some of these are with my phone camera, and some are with the Fancy Cam. I bet you can tell which are which.)

Then, the second day we were there, we got engaged. ALSO NOT KIDDING.




(it's a little small, so we're getting it re-sized this week. I sported it on my right pinkie for most of the trip. haha)

Yep. Now here's the rest of our trip! WHEEEEEE!

When we got home, Kait had made us this banner!  

It's the most adorable thing in the world (they look like TEA BAGS), and we're going to make sure to take it with us wherever we move...which, ahem, brings us to crazy thing #3. 

We're probably moving to Oxford! The UK one, not the Mississippi one. Not sure when yet, but don't worry--the States will be keeping us for at least a few more months. Mmmm, I sure can't wait to apartment hunt for around the same time as the London Olympics!**

Thanks for all of the love and support through these last super ridiculous months. It looks like some of our waiting will be coming to a close (only to be replaced by new things to wait for, but I'm not going to complain about a little novelty). 


**sarcasm. Oxford, we have been told, will be very busy this August. It's not far from London, plus they'll get  run-off tourism, etc. Please cross your fingers in hopes of us finding a nice (*cough*affordable*cough*) place!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Seattle is totally gorgeous today. Just letting you know.

I've been exercising like a real human recently! My doctor would be proud--if I had insurance and could tell her. Heh. Anywhoo, I think I am maybe starting to enjoy it? Or, at least, I'm starting to get addicted enough to some part of it that it doesn't seem like a terrible idea all the time. Obviously, I love climbing. Love. However, I can only get to the rock gym once or twice a week, so I've had to supplement with these things called "workouts". Ugh. Why can't there be a public pool nearby? Columbia, I miss you.

Other than exercising, I'm pretty boring. Stacy stayed with us for a couple of nights, and that was awesome (she's a perfect house-guest, in case you were wondering). Um, I curled my hair the other day and burned my face with the curling iron, like you do. I was sporting a sweet cheek band-aid that made me nostalgic for Nelly -8 years ago. Did you know he's 37 years old? Traumatic, right? Ahh, aging celebrities: you remind us of our own mortality.

Let's take it to a list!

PW3Ning my first V3 at SBP last night ★ ★ ★ 

Falling off that other V3 at the most dangerous point 
pros - hardcore, not permanently wounded; cons - very embarrassing, did not feel good
read a comic about it here (yes, I'm still doing those.*)

This pureed kale popsicle I'm eating +8 health
could be better

Demons, by Dostoevsky (opinion as of pg. 100):  ★ ★ ★  
thoroughly Russian, thoroughly enjoyable

The Age of Bede◔ᴗ◔
like mashed potatoes for the sentimental academic (i.e. comfort food for brains)

Not knowing where we'll be living in three months: +100 zen. 
Remarkably, no longer freaking out.** 

The nap I just took★ ★  
delightful snooze in the sunshine, but overheated a bit in the last 15 minutes or so. may also have been sleep-mumbling.

My hair today: +10 style points for learning to French Braid my own hair. +100000000000000 willpower points for not having chopped my hair off yet. 
It's so long right now. IT GOES DOWN TO MY MID-NECK. Whaaaaaat.

**I would still like to know soon, of course. But, until I know, I'm not panicking about it. Which is a big step for me!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

pretty pretty princess

I got some beautiful things today. They belonged to my grandma--who is a woman of fabulous tastes--and now they are some of the greatest treasures in my closet. I took some basic pictures with my phone because I was too lazy to grab the nice camera (plus, the dress needs to be let out about an inch before I can wear it. There are also a few additional things, not pictured: a dress [super basic], a little white fur mantle, and another pair of gloves [off-white, cloth].

But, seriously, a frilly off-white party dress and bright blue leather gloves? YES.

I am so excited about this dress, I cannot even tell you. It's as though I saw it, and all of my hidden girliness came whooshing out of me at very high speeds.