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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TA Adventures - Day 1

Being a TA is pretty cool, man.

First of all, and most importantly (for me, at least): there's none of that subconscious effort to compete with one's peers. I mean, I'm an authority figure here. Not to say that I would ever abuse that privilege (because that just ain't my style), but it relieves one from a lot of stress*. Plus, the class I'm helping out in is not only my favorite genre of literature, but one that I have done a lot of critical thinking/research about. When I talked about Pedro Paramo in class today, I was imparting knowledge**. And then I told everyone to reallytrulyabsolutely read it because Gael Garcia Bernal has been cast in the soon-to-be movie version, and you sure as hell want to see that. Seriously. Hottest film ever.

Another thing I love about TA-ing (aside from how awesomely not-frightening it is****) hearkens back to that zero-competition thing I mentioned. Some of the people in the class have AMAZING passion for literature, and somehow, it's way more infectious when you're in front of the class. I have always been highly susceptible to the blissfully infectious element of intellectualism that is passion... especially in regards to Magic Realist Fiction. And to have a class full of smiling faces who also can't help but shed tears of ecstasy when they read One Hundred Years of Solitude makes me (a) feel less like a freak and (b) want to keep these people excited. Totally great, right??

Now I have noooo idea how the online element is going to play out, but I have a feeling that this group is sharp enough to make it work. We'll see. The Prof and I figured out our grading scale this afternoon, so I'll be grading posts for most of Friday thru Sunday. New Life Experience, eh? Fingers are crossed for continued high-spirits.

yeah, I'm blogging. SO WHAT? I need a place to word-vomit so my writing fingers are all loosened up for The Things That Really Count.

*stress that you don't even know affects you until you don't have to deal with it! Miraculous!!
**ok, I may be flattering myself a little here. But I really do think I did pretty ok for my first day OF TEACHING!!***
***or, assistant teaching. WHATEVER.
****granted, I'm not the teacher. That's a whole 'nother ball game.