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Friday, May 24, 2013

ooooh, changin' it up

Hey all! I'm in the process of changing website stuff. I'm going to try to consolidate all this crap. Sooo, stay tuned, and enjoy the little* changes as they're made (I am not competent enough to magically reveal a complete, glowing, new site overnight) and please forgive me if links get funky or something.

*or big. This could be a multi-change process. If my site looks different three weeks in a row, I'm sorry! I'm finicky!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Romanian Friendship Food

On my mind lately:

--Sexuality and gender roles in Game of Thrones. I like catching up with Laura Hudson and Erik Henriksen after I see the week's episode (both of them are on Twitter, and I obviously recommend following them)

--Cannibalism and carnivory and morality. Sparked by Hannibal (the other show I am addicted to) and this Slate article. I don't really have any opinions here, but I enjoy thinking about these things and discussing them with Daniel.

--Art. How often are things mistaken for art because one "authority" proclaims it to be so, and everyone else is too timid to say: "Hey there, wait a minute--"? When I read a novel, I can tell you if I like it or not, and I can tell you why (in feeling-related or technical terms). My train of thought here goes off into a few directions worthy of whole papers, I'm sure: imitation vs. art, mimesis vs. plagiarism vs. homage, what technically makes art, etc. Unfortunately, it's a bit too nuanced a discussion to have on the internet, as some delightful trolls reminded me on Twitter.

--The Ideal Magazine. I just started subscribing to a brand new mag called Libertine. It's hard to tell where it will go and how much it will improve, because it is the pilot issue and they are trying to figure out their identity. I'm supporting them because I see the potential (and they've really nailed their aesthetic) but it has a little way to go, re: substance.

--Kierkegaard. Like the brilliant Gorey-cover interpretation by Kate Beaton, the man and his ideas are ever-present in my mind. Daniel just sent me this nice piece from AeonMagazine.

--Revision and Pushing Forward. I have a portfolio of work from the term due to the university on Monday, so I am balancing on the slackline between pushing forward and revising what I have. I'm attempting to do both. It kind of gives me a headache. My stack of papers from the term is about 75 shiny, new pages thick and every time I so much as throw the pile a glance, I experience an emotion that we really need a word for in English.

--The Meaning of Life. (Please leave all "42" jokes at the door.)

--How much I love my neighbors. Answer: a lot.