who the heck knows anything, anyway

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

beware: this will contain profanity

These are things that make me tear my hair out today:

1. the events described in this poem I wrote while sleep deprived this morning:

You could say it's my own fault that I didn't go to bed last night until 3am, thus, got zero sleep. However, I was up til 3 writing a goddamn paper for grad school applications, which is a GOOD REASON. AHHH. Needless to say, dude is lucky that my course of action was to call the cops, because I was hulking out hardcore.

2. The vet has not called us back, presumably because the radiologist has not called HIM back, so we still have no idea what is wrong with our kitty (she's sick, and it's the saddest thing ever).

3. I pre-ordered my Craig Finn CD on JANUARY 11th. They charged me $10 for shipping on a frigging CD. But I was cool with it, because it was supposed to come with a bandana (for reals) and I ASSUMED the hefty fee was to assure its delivery on release day. It came out yesterday, but did not come to me. Today, still no dice. Checked online. Apparently, it HASN'T EVEN SHIPPED. I am so upset. WTF $10 SHIPPING CHARGE?? And I don't even know who to email to e-scream about this. 

Seriously, anger is swelling in my stomach like bile. I think that this would be a feeling of annoyance were I not sleep deprived, but currently, it's a miracle that I'm not crying. Today is a giant butt. A giant, ugly butt that sits on my dreams with its ugly buttitude. 

OK. Sigh. rant over.