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Monday, January 16, 2012


Last week, I was in a terrible, terrible mood. Numbness rendered me unproductive; I was feeling generally jaded, and there is nothing like full-blown, selfish ennui to kill my desire to do anything. Then, at 10pm on Thursday night, it hit me: I positively, absolutely, desperately needed to paint Gonzo. So I rolled with it, and by 1:30 or 2am, I had the first half of my project done. It went something like this:

Gonzo has since been cut out of the cardboard you see there. I painted a canvas a nice, dark grey and patterned it with a (superb) chicken stamp*. The goal is for Gonzo to be glued to said-canvas and then varnished and hung upon my wall. However, the weekend was busy, and then it snowed and I was too lazy to walk all the way to the art store in the snow, and then I didn't leave the house today either for some reason, and here we are: I still haven't purchased the adhesive and varnish needed to totally finish it. But once it's done, I'll make another awesome .gif of the entire process (the in-process images of stamping the canvas are pretty cool) and put it up here.

Daniel and I watched the Great Muppet Caper last night, and there is no question that Gonzo is the best. He's my spirit animal, actually. My journey of self-discovery revealed to me that the Whatever and I are two like souls, bound by ridiculous faces and a lighthearted preoccupation with death; existential optimists who aren't sure we fit in. (Gonzo was probably Kierkegaard's spirit animal, too.)

I'm still trekkin' away on deities, though I'm certainly not doing one a day (oops). I think I'll juts put up the ones I really like, too. For example, I did a Baba Yaga last week, but it's a pen sketch and I'm not particularly married to it. So I promise to post more of them--they'll just have to be deemed "acceptable" (if not "good") by my brain critics.

Also, my cat is cute.

Do you see which two things in this picture are perfect together?**

*thank you, art-classes-held-at-the-public-library-when-I-was-eleven! I still retain the knowledge and skill--not to mention the tools and supplies--needed to carve linoleum blocks for printing.
**answer: Flannery and Batman are both napping in adorably similar positions. ADORABLE. OMG.