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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ok, I suck, whatever, I know

Daily Deity will be going on hiatus until I'm back in Seattle! It was probably stupid of me to start it before the new year, but I was excited about it, and excitement leads to impatience, which leads to rash decisions. In addition to having a nasty cut on the middle finger of my right--i.e. "drawing"--hand (not an impediment to typing due to my being an index finger "pecker"), I've been battling a mild-but-nevertheless-remarkably-inconveniencing illness, and doing family stuff, and trying to see all my hometown friends, and snuggling with a puppy, et cetera. I've also had hiccoughs for the past, I dunno, ten minutes (Matthew's fault). That's not really related, but it is annoying. Anyways, point being that I will get back to structured drawing exercises when I'm back home. OMG, these hiccoughs are horrible.

Let's see, good things. I got a haircut today! It looks tres spiffy (it's a bob. A blue bob. Sounds a bit like a bird, doesn't it?). Mmmm, haircuts. And I got to see Scott! That always makes me happy. Aaaaand, ran into some of my favorite peeps at Powell's... impressively, didn't spend any money at Powell's. Now I'm home, in my pjs, feeling lazy and exhausted at 9:30pm. Rhinovirus Recovery will do that to you. The rest of the break seems pretty busy, too, between seeing people and helping my mom cook a magnificent feast, so I apologize in advance if I don't get to see someone on this trip. I'm also still a liiiiittle bit loopy from all of the cold medicine I've been taking, so forgive me if I sound distant or if none of these sentences actually make any sense. I've been living in a cloudy daze! WooOOOoooOoo.

This is my haircut:

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