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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pimpin' my Porkwa!

One of my best buddies--L.--made the most amazing portrait of me. She uses pastels and genius to make her artworks, and you can even commission her to make one of you (or your loved one, or pet, etc)! This is her website: http://www.porkwaportraits.com/index.html 

There are a butt-ton of things in life that I love, and two of them are (1) L. and (2) supporting artists (writers, painters, embroiderers, cartographers, etc). I am also slightly vain*. When I saw what she made, my brain exploded. This is what it looks like:

I don't know if I'm even that good-looking in real life. Man. I love it. I love L. I love everything! Check her out, because her work will make you fill up with optimism and fuzzy feelings--like Ecstasy**, but safe and legal. 

*some days more than others. but who isn't, really? be honest--it's okay to love yourself a little bit. in fact, it's healthy.
**since I've never done E, this is based on satirical representation and hearsay.