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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daily Deity #2 - Khonvoum

Today, we have Khonvoum, the Mbuti (or Bambuti; an indigenous pygmy group from what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo) god of the hunt, in addition to being their creator. His bow is made from two snakes, which we mortals see as rainbows, and he often appears to humans as a chameleon (which is how I decided to draw him).

Again, bad picture quality. Sorry! We're tearing the house apart, trying to find our camera charger.

Other new stuff since yesterday: I got some new perfume in the mail this morning from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (aka The Only People Who Supply Me With Perfume)! They discontinued my old scent*, so I'm experimenting with something new**. Each one  comes in little 5ml. bottles, and, since they're concentrated oils, they're not gross and alcohol-y. You should check them out! Granted, I'm a little obsessed with all things olfactory, so their website is my version of an artisan chocolate shop. I spend hours drooling over their stuff. If I wasn't pretty much broke (I spent a lot this Christmas. WHOOPS), I'd have bought more than one, for sure. As it is, in a couple of months I'd like to buy a different scent for going out and the like--something a bit spicier. Then I can alternate. Man, back to the comment I made yesterday about all those PhDs I want: if I could add thirty years to my life, I would become a perfumer. Smelling things brings me a very particular, visceral joy. Like I said, some people have chocolate--but for me, nothing compares to what the nose knows: the sweet smell of decaying autumn leaves, or a hint of rose perfume that catches in the air for only a second. Mmmmm. Pitter-pat goes my heart. Consequently, having a cold is like being in hell.

Speaking of the afterlife, making people smell uniquely delicious for a living would be heavenly. Too bad it didn't occur to me that such a thing might  be an option when I was in high school, forced to think every day about THE FUTURE. Kids. Remember: there are all kinds of jobs out there. Don't let the man tell you that you need to sit in a cubicle all day.

*March Hare. It was perfect!--apricot and clove, spicy and sweet, delicious
**White Rabbit, coincidentally. And it's aptly named. The description of the scent on the website--and they write the best copy, I'm telling you--says: "strong black tea and milk with white pepper, ginger, honey and vanilla, spilled over the crisp scent of clean linen. " Something about my skin really brings out the milk and honey dimension, but it's very light and clean, too. Fluffy, one might say! Although not in a spun-sugar/cotton-candy way, thankfully. Also, I put it on about eight hours ago, and it still smells fantastic (just a hint of scent, of course--nothing crazy and overpowering).