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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Updates, new year

Hey everybody, lots of updates today (finally?).

1. It's a new year, etc. It is (cross my fingers and pray to your deity of choice) the year we move back to the USA, and for that reason I am hopeful. I miss my friends and my family, and I will never complain about domestic travel ever again. Ideally, I will have a long and prosperous life that will never again include dealing with Heathrow.

I'm also pretty nervous. Even if we do get lucky and move back to the west coast, it's not like everything will be the same. We're never going to have such a massive contingent of friends in Seattle, all of us within walking distance of each other. No matter where we live, we'll be far away from people we love. Add to that: it's not actually the case that the number of unknowns goes down at the end of one year and bubbles up again at the beginning of the next, but it sure feels like it sometimes. Cross your fingers for us, please?

2. I'm not going to spend too much time reminiscing about 2014. It was a busy year marked with big personal successes and new friends, but I also struggled with pretty hardcore depression and homesickness. I might be past the point--for a little while, at least--of considering a single year as Good or Bad. A year is made up of a lot of months--even more weeks--and I can hardly assess my existence and progress on a monthly level.

3. Housekeeping! This is the most important update (to my mind): The Apiary has a beautiful new website, and Audiodidact celebrated Episode 20 this Monday! A few changes to be aware of:
--The Apiary website is http://www.apiarylife.org/ 
--The Apiary's Twitter handle has changed and is now @apiary_life
--My indie PR outfit, Scout!, is also under the Apiary umbrella and can also be found on the Apiary site

The Apiary is going to be the home for a lot of awesome, collaborative projects in the future. Pay special attention to announcements coming up in April--we'll have a project debuting (fingers crossed!!) at AWP in Minneapolis. More hints as we inch closer to April!

4. Haircut and £3 Jurassic Park t-shirt.