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Friday, January 2, 2015

A resolution; a #shelfie

Yesterday I posted a picture of a haircut I gave myself.* It was fine and everything, but not super exciting. I mentioned my cautious optimism regarding 2015, but I really wasn't planning on making myself any promises. Then, while I was watching Homeland and eating a can of pea soup, I was struck by a resolution idea: I will shave my head, and--apart from very minor upkeep--will not cut it again until a draft of my novel is actually finished.

This is a fun experiment. I can't really promise I'll see it through, because haircuts have, historically, been my go-to form of self-soothing and catharsis. But I am actually going to try, because it's good to have an incentive, and I think long hair makes me look like a teen baby.

Plus, bonus: Daniel's iPad has one of those cool photo-a-day apps that takes a picture of your face in the same frame every day, and then you can make a video out of the year's worth of photos. It'll be pretty rad to see just how fast my hair grows--and how it grows, more generally.

So here's our starting point.

I spent this morning hanging out with one of my BFFs, Bernadette, and it was lovely. As a result, I went from our brunch to Blackwell's bookshop--and what was intended to just be this:

became this**:


Ok, it's 3pm and I'm ready for some tea, pjs, and YES PLEASE (after I finish Wolf in White Van, that is.)

*everyone knows I let only two people touch my hair--my hairdresser since childhood back in Portland, and myself. Any time I trust an additional party, I end up leaving with a bad haircut and I have to pay the person for doing a bad job, which should not be a thing.

**The copy of Persepolis came in a secret xmas package from my buddy Mikaela, bc she knows me very well. She also sent me two bags of homemade cookies. !!!! FRIENDS