who the heck knows anything, anyway

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


our days look like this

1. Daniel and I are re-reading The Great Gatsby because we are very cultured.* It's pretty good. Some parts are AMAZING! and then other parts are like "Really, F. Scott? Really? You just spent god-knows how many words saying nothing. Homework: go read Dickens and then try again."
I'm allowed to make this statement because I am in grad school.

2. I got assigned to the Celtic Myth team at work! There was much rejoicing. There was also much purchasing-of-books. Through some kind of magic boon of willpower, I refrained from buying the super expensive/hardcover ones.

3. I finished Zadie Smith's White Teeth yesterday. It is one of my new favorites, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Everyone! I'm just gonna go ahead and call Smith brilliant right here, and I mean it. Those of you who regularly hear me yell about books know this is a big deal. I don't often make it to the end of a book and think "I would possibly consider selling my soul to the devil to write like this person," but Smith wooed me good. Now I just have to sit down and write a paper about it. Aww yiss. Paperz.**

4(a). We're going to start packing soon.
4(b). We don't have a flat yet.
I haven't worried about either of these things today, which is a neat by-product of having a job and school to worry about. I also took a nap.

5. Daniel is the best.

6. My cat is also the best, though sometimes she smells bad and refuses to eat her expensive wet food.

7. That's pretty much all the update I've got. Numbers 1-3 were really the salient points here. Maybe 4, since many people are wondering when we're moving, etc. (Answer: August? Probably? Meh.)

*actually: because I never read it in high school. My class just watched the movie--the Robert Redford one--and then read...something else? that was American? It was Junior year. I remember Mark Twain and Zora Neale Hurston aaaaand Stephen Crane? Poe, maybe? Did we really just skip from Twain to Hurston? This may have happend. I have no idea. High school, man. Dark times.
**full disclosure: I am, in fact, looking forward to writing this paper. It's short, and it's about narration, and I loooooove talking about narration.