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Sunday, July 22, 2012

moving: not easy! ha!

This whole moving thing has been a lot more difficult than expected, in a variety of directions. D and I have been "kept busy" by visa applications, apartment hunting, and strange piles of paperwork, all in addition to our regular work/school stuff. It turns out that grad school + moving is not my favorite thing in the world. I'm glad I started school when I did, but it maaaaaay have been a better idea to try and defer until January. Oh well! Nothing like a little extra pressure around a deadline, eh? Yesterday I had a little weepy moment over a coat. (I think the coat was a metaphor.)

Things we still have not figured out: absentee voting (important); exactly how the British government functions (confusing); how we're actually going to get everything done (mystery).

Welp, I have like +100000 more packing to do, and homework due in about 3 days, and a work assignment due in a week, and a family thing this afternoon, so I guess I should get off my butt. Just wanted to give an update (especially for my dad, who is good about reminding me when I haven't blogged in a while). Before I go, as a reward for reading words, here are some pictures from July-so-far!

pretty city

Obligatory cat picture: Flannery is sitting. Like she thinks she's a human or something.

aw yeah