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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An Experiment!

I've started writing a mystery in the Victorian tradition--more precisely, the Dickensian tradition.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is one of my favorite Dickens pieces, and it is both heartbreaking and fittingly fantastic that he died halfway through its writing (therefore leaving the mystery unconcluded and thoroughly mysterious). Dickens wrote it like he wrote most things: serialized. Chances are that he didn't even know how it would end when it reached its untimely end.

Getting started on my new Writing From Home thing* has been a bit rough, so I'm going to up the ante. This is where all my bros come in.

I am going to serialize my mystery.

In order for this to be a motivating force, I need people who are interested. Essentially, I will be sending out one chapter a week to anyone who wants to jump in on it. A chapter is not a big deal, currently. The first one is only about a page and a half, maybe 2 pages. I'm thinking a long chapter will be only 5 or so (unless I get fancy with formatting and make them book-page style instead of Word-page style. I'm open to suggestions on this--in fact, during the course of this minute, I've kind of convinced myself that this is the more awesome idea), so do not be daunted out of subscribing for lack of time. You can read it in wee little increments in less time than it takes to do a Cosmo quiz or think up a witty remark to put on your facebook status! And it won't be posted in blogland--it'll be emailed to whoever wants it. That way, it is very secretive--and allows me to potentially publish it later. For those of you who subscribe, you basically get the first-run version which *may* be a collector's item one day (especially since, post-completion, assembled serials are prone to editing and additions/subtractions which make the first little pieces totally unique).

So there's my offer. Send me your email address if you're interested, as well as your opinions on formatting (though I'm rather sold on getting fancy with it). I'm out of town next week, so my goal Start Date is Tuesday, January 18th (because Tuesdays could use a little something fun, don't you think?), with a new one coming out every Tuesday until finished.** Oh, how silly of me to forget: by the way, it's free. Though I definitely won't stop you from donating to my cause (i.e. grocery-buying).

So email me, yo (my first name, period, last name, at gmail.com)

The Mystery (or History?) of Tad Deering

*After working my butt off for The Man from age 14 to 22, I've decided that, along with my relocation, I deserve a change of vocation. So now I'm a writer! For reals! Meaning I currently have an income of $0, but my goal is to actually finish some big projects and begin shopping myself around. I'll get another grown-up job if necessity dictates, but I'm hoping for the best with this.
**I would only ever miss a week due to extenuating circumstance, and I'll send an email with the low-down in its stead. Hopefully this doesn't happen, though!