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Friday, July 17, 2015

Submissions Open for Tudor Close: A Collection of MYSTERY Stories!!

If you like writing and you like mysteries (or if you make totally sweet commix), you should absolutely apply to be in this collection. If you are chosen to take part, you get paid at least $40 (more based on profits made from selling the collection). Read the directions, and apply the heck out of this.

Tudor Close, a Collection of Mysteries

The Apiary invites you to submit your work to Tudor Close, a collection of short mysteries. Please read guidelines carefully, because the instructions are very particular!
     Our short story collections are unified around a single element – for example, the stories in our adventure collection, The Egret’s Crossing, all mentioned a bar in Tangier. In this collection, all stories will mention a mansion called Tudor Close.
     We know that there’s a limited market for mystery shorts, so to submit to this collection, please send a sample of 1,000-2,000 words, written in a style that reflects how you would write this particular story, along with a very brief cover letter telling us a little bit about yourself. The writing sample doesn't have to be a mystery, it just needs to show your unique voice and ability. We strive to publish diverse voices.
     We’ll select seven stories to include in Tudor Close. Stories can take place any time post-16th century and into the future; word count can range from 3,000-6,000 words. Each mystery will reference Tudor Close. Deadline to submit your writing sample: August 1, 2015. Drafts will be due September 15; books will be published in December 2015. Tudor Close will be available in print and ebook, and profits will be divided among the writers.
To submit, please email killian.czuba@gmail.com with the subject "Tudor Close Submission."

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