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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Post-AWP15, etc

I did a short podcast about what tabling at AWP in Minneapolis was like! So if you're curious about this insane writers conference, give it a listen. (It's 37 minutes.)

Speaking of AWP and writing updates:

1. We totally sold out of The Egret's Crossing print editions. Seriously. We printed 150, and they are all gone. But you can still get ebook editions--and we're considering a second run, so let me know if you're interested (comments, twitter, email, facebook, however you want to hit me up). It felt so good to pay everyone who contributed, and I'm stoked to get to work on the next project (stay tuned, etc).

2. Cactus Heart (an awesome lit mag I help out with, led by the charming and sassy Sara Rauch) did amazingly well, too. It was the first AWP for CH as an exhibitor, and--in addition to selling many sexy t-shirts and back issues--we sold out of print issue 10.5. !!! TheaSara, and I celebrated heartily:

3. Barrelhouse is the literal best. I got to meet [almost] everyone in the crew over the weekend, and it is truly a family of smart, hilarious people with great taste in lit. I have a comic in issue 14, and have joined their team (as I may have mentioned?) as Art Director, because the world has finally recognized my exceptional taste, and everyone wants a piece of me.

this photo lovingly lifted from the Barrelhouse FB page
Seriously, I am such a lucky kid to be a part of this.

4. I am still recovering from an intense, social, drink-heavy, laugh-heavy, emotion-heavy weekend. I can't wait for #AWP16 in LA next year, and I am filled with a renewed desire to make art and kick butt. My only regret is that I can't live close to everyone I love--but we're moving back to the USA in July, so I'll be much closer. :)