who the heck knows anything, anyway

Monday, July 15, 2013

back to sort-of normal

I'm back in the UK with my boo and my cat. This makes me happy. Here are some more life updates, with pictures:

1. My tea tastes like band-aids for some reason, and I'm not a super fan

image here

2. I finally downloaded Scrivener, and it has improved my outlook on life

image here

3. I discovered that, despite having 75 pretty good novel pages behind me, I know absolutely nothing about anything, and that is going to cause some problems unless I figure my crap out ASAP

image here

4. It is ten million degrees with 80% humidity (that second part is not an exaggeration) and I am worried that England has drifted into the equator since I was last here

image = mine
5. The news is very sad this week, as everybody knows (and if you don't think the news has been sad, and if you think the world is "post-racial"/don't believe in privilege, please read someone else's blog), but people are taking to the streets, and hopefully someone will start to listen. Until then, may this Amanda Palmer song re: The Daily Mail brighten your day a little bit. It made me happy. (Do not watch if you are afraid of women's breasts)