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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Twitter, etc.

Ah, sweet October, my favorite month. Oddly, Halloween, which is my absolute favorite holiday, has been screwing me over regularly, post-childhood. But, in true Halloween spirit, I refuse to give up. I will decorate my parents' house, I will wear a costume, I will drink apple cider and hot toddys for days, and it will be as awesome as possible, considering the circumstances. Since the beau and I are apart this year, the sexy Lewis and Clark costumes will have to be put on hold (dang), but I promise I'll have pictures of my solo costume invention on the bless'ed day.

Now, for some updates! They're not that important, but I'm telling you anyway:

1. For some of you, this one's kind of important: I've changed my Twitter handle from @TalesnTeacups to @killianczuba. I've been debating this change for a while. It seems like a good idea, especially as I start to submit stories. I think Twitter is awesome, and I would love for people to find me on it easily. Plus, I don't want to get famous, decide I want to own my name, and then find some douche has already stolen it. If you want to jump on @killianczuba_ebooks, go ahead (*cough*Dan*cough*). It would be hilarious. For those of you who were following @TalesnTeacups and are worried that you won't see my stuff, the change is automatic, so you don't have to re-follow me or anything.

2. Wordstock is this weekend. I'm not sure if I'm going. Are you going? I love Wordstock in theory, but they've always been kind of disappointing in practice.

3. I *am* going to Deborah Reed's reading tonight! Because I love her. She is too amazing.

4. I bought a wedding dress. LOL

Alright, I think that's it. I should go eat some breakfast. Not sure why I haven't done that yet. Oops!