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Monday, November 14, 2011

back to business

We're back stateside, y'all. Have I already said that? I don't remember. This past week (almost a week?) has been a blur of Welcome Back!'s and sad goodbyes and lots of jet-lagged drinking and living room re-organizing and angry throwing of to-do lists. SO MANY THINGS.

Daniel is going to blog, some time this week or next, with the last bits of our trip. I have other things to talk about! Like this:

1. I miss already superduper miss Stacy and Jon, who moved back to California this past weekend. Stacy (who writes this blog) and I have serious lady bromance (is there a better term for that yet? I'm too tired to be clever and think one up--and "homance" just won't cut it), and it makes me shed a million tears to know she's not a few blocks away from me anymore. But this gives me further incentive to travel, and she'll be back for business trips. Thank freaking goodness. This little consolation is the reason I haven't spent every minute crying on the floor with tissues shoved up my nose and a blanket thrown over my head.

2. Daniel and I, being a two-person decorating machine, made our living room look effin' rad yesterday. Daniel helped with the light-hanging in the "whimsy"-corner, and he held the floating box shelves in place while I nailed them. He's very helpful. I will keep him, I think. But enough nonsense, HERE ARE PICTURES:

well-organized corner

oooh, compartments! and my typewriter, Charlemagne

whimsy corner

I acknowledge that we still need some color in the Corner of Whimsy, and that the lighting was not perfect (but how could I show off the star lights if I took the pictures during the day? that's right--not possible), buuuuut our house looks pretty great, even (especially?) at night. Just sayin'. A clean house is good for productivity, too! Now that there's room on the writing desk, Daniel and I can both work at tables (writing desk was previously covered in all the stuff you see in those shelves, plus a bunch of other crap. not the best for working on). Having said that, I will not discuss the state of our kitchen at this time.

3. Grad school aaaaaapps! I've submitted the online bits for the first of five! I still have to buy printer paper and envelopes for supplemental materials, but my portfolio is also done (two pieces! woot!), as are my general statement of purpose (still have to make the specific ones, but hopefully that won't take me more than a couple of days) and CV. Though I am not foolish enough to state (let alone allow myself to think) that an end is in sight, I am all about celebrating this victory. Champagne tonight! Both for application successes and because...

4. Daniel and I are celebrating two years of joint awesomeness today! Two years is kind of a low-key milestone, so we're just going to drink champagne and maybe hold a meeting of the Inventing Club (as we do). There will be high-fives all through dinner in honor of this chill occasion (and because we've been working our butts off on those applications. people who survive applying to grad school deserve high fives AND free physical therapy to treat all the side-effects of perma-hunching--over books and computers and an assortment of indecipherable materials).

Well, that's about it. I think? Yep. Most of it, at least.

As a Post Script, here's a weird fruit I ate the other day! It looks like an eyeball.

Yum, right?

.peace out.