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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outta Town, Pt. 1

Be prepared for lots of pictures of things.


Just got back from ol' Stumptown last night. Because I have not yet reached the Obsessive level of photo-taking (and because I was both (a) sick and (b) paying attention to a large platoon of party-goers who were there to celebrate my graduation), I don't actually have any pictures of the party. No pictures from Saturday at all, in fact. Being unable to breathe through my nose and overwhelmed by ever-increasing pressures in my head, most of my concentration was dedicated to helping my mom set up--and smiling. That said, it was still a great party. There was beer, there was wine, there was amazing food. Everyone who came had a great time, for which I am very thankful. The last thing I wanted was to be a party-pooper at my own party.

That said, I want to share some pictures. Along with the ever-needed grocery money (and bookstore certificates--just as necessary as grocery funds), I got a few fantastically unique things. I am very excited about them. You might not be, but worry not--photos are easy to breeze through. 

FIRST UP: the History of Pompeii/ius*, published in 1617

I now own a book published only 14 years after the death of Queen Elizabeth I. Now, I don't like to get heated about this topic on the internet, buuuuut... this is why e-books will never win.** 

SECOND: three heads, sculpted by the husband of my first-cousin-once-removed*** 

Receiving art for a graduation present is probably my favorite idea ever. Especially when the art is edgy and eye-catching and tangible. I suppose it's also lucky that they have some idea of, or totally guessed using amazing psychic powers, my taste in art, because taste is so personal and varied. These are spot-on. Daniel and I were considering ways to hang them up, but for now they reside happily by my reliquary on top of my Novels bookcase. They seem quite content there.

THIRRRRRD: edibles/medicinals

aloe plant and fancy bubbly wrapped in pink cellophane

Evening in Missoula tea 
The aloe plant came with a bright orange fish watering can (for some reason, I forgot to put it in the picture). It will help me when I get a sunburn (or should I say "if"--because today, like every day, is cloudy and barely 60 degrees), and will also be difficult to kill because I need only water it once a month. I do love a low-maintenance plant.

I had to include the picture of the Sofia sparkling wine because I never get pink, frilly presents, and I absolutely love it. That light pink cellophane is a perfect accent--I just keep ogling it. Appropriately, I could see it fitting right in to Sofia's Marie Antoinette set. Delicious.

And, people know me so well, what would I be without new teas to try? I tried some last night, since my taste buds/nose decided to work again. It tastes rather how the Sofia looks--soft, sweet, delicate. It's probably why I fell asleep at 11:30 and slept for ten hours.

NOW THEN, these things aren't exactly gifts, but they still belong in this post. Bear with me here. 


I went to Powell's yesterday. I had a gift card from graduation. Plus, I may have designated a bit of the aforementioned grocery money to book-purchasing.  Books are nourishment for the soul

This was not a gift:

This was a teeny tiny vial of Aged Ginseng Liquid or some such thing that I found on the counter at my parents' house. My mom said "Oh, drink it! It will definitely help your cold." So I drank it. It was nasty. Her response: "If it tastes that bad, you know it's good for you." I'm pretty sure she meant that strictly in terms of medicine, but you never know with mothers. I think part of her just likes to trick us into drinking gross things that pretend to be medicinal.****

This last one was a gift to myself. I got it at a natural curiosities shop on Mississippi St. (I'll admit--I'm a sucker for shops full of apothecary equipment and animal skulls.) 

Edward Gorey created a set of his own tarot cards, called the Fantod Pack, with which you can predict your own terrible misfortunes. Like everything Gorey did, they are beautiful and hilarious. And they were only $9. How could I say no? (Daniel is in the background, drinking water and reading the Isaac Asimov book he bought at Powell's. That is the one place I miss most. Elliot Bay just can't compete.)

And here's the puppy, sleeping on my feet, just for good measure:

I am so thankful to my family and friends who planned and attended my party. Everyone who asked what I was up to seemed genuinely excited to hear that I'm working on my writing, and the sheer number of people who turned up reminded me that I'm already making people proud. Hopefully I can keep that going! I  certainly have a crapload of writing to catch up on--not to mention a mountain of Thank You cards--so if business is measured in busy-ness, then I'm set up for a very successful week. 

It's also worth noting that this summer is going to be remarkably packed with travel, weddings, and other summery business, so maybe I'll learn to use my camera more often! That would be nice.

OH, DUH. Almost forgot to mention the most important part of my trip. I got my hair cut. Short on the left, long on the right! 

It's the best.

*unclear at this point, as I have yet to translate any of it, if it is the history of Pompeii, or a history written by a man named Pompeius. I'll get back to you on it when I brush up on my Latin and get going on a translation.
**I believe e-books have a time and a place (airplanes, reading erotica on the bus, etc), but they are not the future of books. However, if you worry about tree-killing, I've been considering asking about this when the time comes to publish my own novel. It's like papyrus! Well, in my head it is. 
***I come from a very big, very close family. Also worth noting: these are cement castings of heads he used in a bronze series. I can not express how cool this is. 
****Mom, if you read this, I am saying these things in jest. But you also know it's true. :P