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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today I have a cold. It is not a super heinous cold, but it gave me a wickedly sore throat, a remarkably consistent low-grade headache, and has compromised my ability to remain sane, so it's done its job. Since I don't have the energy (mental or physical) to work on my mystery (let alone stories that might be submittable and thereby help me earn my keep), I thought I'd write a lame little blog post--in an attempt to, I don't know, redeem myself? Prove that I'm totally worthless today? Bah.

I would, though, like to share that I have discovered the wonders of cayenne pepper. I've supplanted my daily black tea intake (I average 6-8 cups a day, because I am a fiend) with a concoction of very hot water, about 7 whole cloves, a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper, a tablespoon of honey, and a splash of lemon juice. Cayenne, in addition to helping people with cleanses and diets, seems to be more effective for me than most medicated cough/throat grossness from the store. Granted, everybody is different, so some may find it to be an irritant, but after a second of that crisp, spicy burn, I can swallow my food and drink (and saliva, which is really the killer when you have a sore throat--unless you enjoy drooling) happily.* Mmmm. Plus, cloves are a natural anesthetic and antiseptic (among like a bajillion other things. Seriously, herbal medicine is The Bees Knees).

Also, did you guys know that cataract surgery was invented in about 800 BC??!** That is madness. I have enough reservations about people poking about my eyes with lasers now, let alone with needles almost 3,000 years ago. However, this is the most thoroughly awesome thing I have learned today. Maybe even in the last week.

Last thing of the day before I take a nap: I have been neglecting to pimp National Poetry Month on this here blog. Do yourself a favor and read some sweet poems! Better yet, go to a local bookstore and buy some books of poetry. I'm indulging in some Seamus Heaney and Jeannine Hall Gailey today, but I'm hoping to pick up some new stuff this week from Open Books.


*It's a bit short-lived, but it's still infinitely better than nasty cough syrups. I absolutely loathe cherry cough syrup with every ounce of my being.
**Shushruta, you were a total baller.