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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I Have Learned Today

this term is trying to break me
-- Vikings are kind of hard to research. Why is this? Also, I should learn how to read subtext. See image to the right.

-- I can only be in the Blue Room at Powells for .4 seconds before I find something I want and, consequently, buy. I went to Powells needing two books on vikings. I left with two books on vikings, two hardcover editions of classics (The Odyssey and Treasure Island, of course), and Colum McCann's book Let the Great World Spin. Oops!

--Earlier today, I jokingly mentioned that I should have looked in a Law section for books relevant to my Icelandic Saga research paper (on "good" men, as perceived by the law and by society). I should have actually checked. Turns out Powells has "U of M Icelandic #03: Laws of Early Iceland, Volume 1: Gragas I" in their General Law section. Ok, so it's actually in their warehouse, but it's generally with the law books. Maybe I should check out the law section some time. I hear dueling was outlawed at the beginning of the eleventh century*.

--It's Wednesday.

*truth. Want to know why? Because all of the able-bodied viking men were killing each other over (a) ladies and (b) insults/blood feud stuff, so the population was at serious risk of, well, not existing.