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Monday, October 25, 2010

Testing the Waters

When I first saw this promo shot for Sherlock, all I could think was: Oh, Stephen.

Doctor and Companion?
I suppose, like any director, he has a very definite aesthetic. Too bad he had to turn it to my favorite literary duo. Shouldn't he be focusing his creative efforts on Doctor Who? We all know what happens when a prolific creative mind gets stretched too thin: they might as well start working for Marvel.*

But, hey, I won't kick it just yet. Now that it's online for free (thank you, Masterpiece Theater! Remind me to give to Public Broadcasting this year), I might as well give it a whirl. However, I will stipulate that the second Sherlock uses modern technology as a crutch, I will turn it off. Yes, yes, we all love the internet, but Holmes was frickin rad because he basically had the internet in his brain. Also, the guy who plays him looks funny. I like to have crushes on Holmes**--I do not have a crush on this guy. A bit petty of me, perhaps, to base some of my initial reaction on this. But, hey, I have big fat love for Martin Freeman, so maybe that will make up for it? I promise a full report once I've watched it. Depending on homework load, this may be tonight or later this week. Hopefully, you are kept in a heightened state of anxious suspense. Holmes would want it this way.

Speaking of my dear Martin, he'll be playing Bilbo in The Hobbit! Because I didn't love Tolkien enough already. Le sigh.

Any way we can get Mos Def into The Hobbit, too? Please?

*OH SECRET BURN on one guy who works for Marvel. Some of the other guys are pretty nice, and I love X-Men.
**Especially Vasily Livanov and Rupert Everett. Aaaaaand Robert Downey Jr, but he probably doesn't count