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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sherlok Kholms I Doktor Vatson

If I were Julie Andrews a la Sound of Music, these are things I would sing about, in addition to paper and strudel:

1. Sherlok Kholms I Doktor Vatson (I technically watched episode 2 of Priklyucheniya Sherloka Kholmsa I Doktora Vatsona, circa 1980). This is most definitely in the running for Coolest Depiction of Sherlock Holmes, Pretty Much Ever. It's shot largely on location in old Russian towns, complete with broody lighting and plush yellow fainting couches. A-mazing. Plus, I honestly challenge you to find a better Sherlock/Watson pair than Vasili Livanov and Vitali Solomin. Ok, aside from Rupert Everett and Ian Hart (if you haven't had the honor yet, please watch this movie). People are usually partial to a particular kind of Holmes, and though I find Jeremy Brett quite charming (he seems to be the Fan Fave among many an aficionado), he can be a bit too manic for my tastes. Rupert Everett is a bit more subdued, but ever the charming egotist. Fab. However--and I beg your pardon--we were talking about Vasili Livanov. This guy is just flat-out an amazing actor. He's rather stoic at times, but his wit is biting, and occasionally his exchanges with Watson (Solomin) are downright hilarious. Also, points for CUTEST MS. HUDSON EVER. The scene where she walks in on Watson as he fights the apartment fire is just great scripting. Sure, the music reminds you a little bit of a game of Tetris, but this is Russia in 1980. So, somehow it makes sense (sort of?). I'm also tempted to make a bad pun about detective fiction and puzzle games, but I will refrain. Oh, and if this picture I'm about to show you doesn't sell it, then perhaps my telling you that Moriarty's doorman appears to be a werewolf, will.

Just look at that nose! Hawt.

2. Adam Worth. He is, as my professor put it, The Father of Moriarty. He was a legitimate criminal mastermind whose life went something like: fight in civil war, crime, crime, crime, get sent to Sing-Sing, break out days later, crime, crime, Europe, more crime. Actually, he was wounded in battle during the Civil War, but, for some reason, they (meaning "the man") had listed him as "killed in battle." So he left the hospital with no identity, and practiced some good ol' bounty jumping until he decided to really, truly defect. Then, like I said, there was a lot of crime. The amount of money he stole during his life was something like $4 million. And that's in 1800's dollars

Prussians for the win

Meanwhile, my TA job is still torn into "OMG, classroom stuff is great!" and "WTF, online posts??" Y'know. The Usual.