who the heck knows anything, anyway

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

feb 9

"4:28 PM" 


Scene opens on woman checking email in her home office

She clicks on the email from sender "MyChart"

We look at the screen: 

"Hello, you have a new statement--
Amount due: $302.71"

Zoom out to view woman from front, laptop in front of her, typing quickly.

WOMAN: This can't be right.

Back to looking at her screen. On MyChart login page. She clicks "login", then scrolls to "Billing."

We see an itemized bill revealing that her insurance only covered 1/2 of her blood tests, despite being an in-network provider.

View changes to lawn OUTSIDE

We see a laptop crashing through a fifth floor window, sailing through the air like a beautiful bird. It explodes before hitting the ground.