who the heck knows anything, anyway

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

feb 8

I had a dream--after I finally fell asleep at 7am--that I started blogging again. It was a very unremarkable dream, but, given the typically stressful nature of my subconscious, it seemed very low-risk to follow through on it (today, anyway).


-my self worth
-what is the strange brown stain on the edge of my newly-patched piece of wall (rust from some metal bits under there?)
-I should probably go for a walk, but I'm already wearing pj pants
-taking a nap will not help me sleep tonight
-someone mentioned pot pie, and now I would really like a pot pie
-math is less like baking and more like making sauce
-I hope I'm not cursed with bad sleep for the rest of my life
-I hope I'm not allergic to this lotion, but it sure looks like I am

comic/feb. 8, 2022