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Thursday, February 2, 2012

cats and cribbage and stuff

It's been a while since I did a general lifey-y update instead of a focused one (/rant), so I thought maybe I'd do that right now. Especially because my brain needs a break from this essay I'm writing.*

Flannery has been varying degrees of sick for the past few weeks. We've seen the vet...four times, I think. Four times in four weeks! But today she seems to be improving (!! yessss!!!!!) and Daniel and I are pretty excited about that. We should be hearing from the vet today about any other things we possibly have to be concerned with, but our fingers are crossed for something like "she's rounded the corner and will be fit as a fiddle in no time." That would be extra neat.

Speaking of  fit fiddles, it occurred to me last night, as I was getting ready for bed, that the phrase "Pleased as punch" probably has nothing to do with the drink and everything to do with Punch from Punch and Judy. I consulted the internet and was promptly informed that I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT. Which is pretty disturbing, because, you know, Punch was a homicidal wife-abuser, and I don't especially want to be as pleased as a sociopath at any time. Nonetheless, 10 points for Gryffindor.**

Also occurring last night (I'm so good at segues today!): Daniel and I felt like playing cribbage (because we're old people), so we made our own cribbage board (because we don't own one) using the technique known as (depending on your social group) "exquisite corpse" or "eat poop you cat". It looks like this:

Our little marker dudes were a bobby pin (Daniel) and a tiny safety pin (me) shoved into some Sculpey.

It was a great success. Daniel beat me at the very end of the game because he got to count first, and we both had HELLA crazy hands (we were 8 from the finish, and his hand gave him 14 points. My hand--plus the crib, which was mine that round--would have given me 21 points. INSANE. We had been getting hands of 6 max before this point). The whole building-the-board-then-playing-the-game thing was extra fun, which we had earned, considering the things we dealt with yesterday were fairly hellish: because we were worried about the cat, we stayed up with her all night, taking sleeping shifts that totaled 2.5 hours each. After zero sleep, we had to take her to the vet, where poor kitty had to hang out from 9am until 1pm (they shaved her front leg to give her a sedative injection, shoved a tube down her throat, probably took her temperature up her butt, etc). All this in addition to having bronchitis and maybe something else, too. She was not pleased when we picked her up. But, like I said, now she's doing better and sleeping on my chair!

we took this the other day. didn't want to embarrass her by showing her shaved leg to the internet.
This is her regular sleeping position, when she isn't sleeping on your chest. HOW IS THIS ANIMAL REAL? Sigh. So cute. This is why we've spent a billion dollars on the vet visits. If she and Watson were ever in the same room together, my brain would explode. Just thinking about it makes me short-circuit a little.

Right! Hourly Comic Day was yesterday. I knew this, but due to not-sleeping-and-being-busy-with-serious-things circumstances, I did not participate. Bummer. I was pretty stoked about doing it this year. But who's to say you can only do an hourly on Feb. 1? I don't know if I'll have time today, but maybe I'll pick a day this weekend/next week and just do mine late. Hourlies are so fun! I wish webcomics people would do them more often. I like getting glimpses into their glamorous lives.


My cousin, Kaitrin, got me this friggin' rad, Kate-Beaton-designed David Bowie mug (KB is the best, yo. Buy her merch, and also her book), which I have been using nonstop. There is always tea in it. I have breakfast all day long. Kaitrin, like Kate Beaton, is the best. Obvs.

Hmmmm. What else? Ooooh, I got my Craig Finn CD today. Listened to it while wearing my sweet new bandana. haha. I'm the coolest, guys. Definitely.

Aaaand here's a picture of a tiny bowl and tiny jewels I made to hold the BPAL perfumes/cologne we are currently using.

I can, on occasion, be fancy. Sort of.

Ok, all done! For now.

*Man. I have to say, I kind of like the idea of writing a craft analysis in a more casual, excited (bloggish, perhaps? though a particularly well-focused blog) manner. Switching my brain into Removed, Academic Mode makes all of my opinions sound oddly aloof--and I am only aloof in real life when I secretly hate something but am trying to be polite. Or maybe when I'm really tired and my listening skills are running on "low". Either way, it's not that it's all that difficult to write an academic paper--I just don't like the tone as much. PARTICULARLY when said-essay will be used in a grad school application. You aren't really getting to know me and what I appreciate when gushing is frowned upon.
**Daniel made a sweet Sorting Hat quiz with interesting moral questions. It's much more difficult to game. You can't just be like "omg, I am brave and a good guy, so, GRYFFINDOR" or "yeah, I'm, like, the smart kid. RAVENCLAW" or "I'm nice. HUFFLEPUFF" or , most importantly, "my only attribute is evil. SLYTHERIN." Because that's dumb. Anywho, according to this sweet quiz, I'm in Gryffindor! Neat. Daniel's in Ravenclaw. This is unsurprising. Also, side note, although the books would lead you to assume otherwise, Slytherin is not actually a bad house, based on its rhyme-proposed attributes and our quiz goes by these listed attributes. On the other hand, due to some obvious biases in characterization, one might assume J.K. is proposing that anyone with ambition is a bad person. Interesting. Maybe I should writer a paper about it. Actually, NOPE.