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Friday, October 21, 2011

Picture Picture

Ok. Want to see ALL OF THE PHOTOS thusfar?


This here should provide you with The Full Vicarious Edinburgh Experience, and includes at least five pictures of Catherine's cat.

I realize that we fail in The Capturing of Oxford On Film (or...pixels?), but since the weekend is right before us, that will be changing! I think this link should still be good as we add more pictures, so check it again on Monday for some new ones (there will probably--hopefully--be a nice new blog post, too, so I'll be sure to remind you).

As for the events of today, I bought a headband half-price at Topshop, which was peachy, and then two barrettes from a little boutique in Jericho. I also had a pint (with lunch!) at a place called, fantastically, Jude the Obscure. Sadly, JtO was a little bit weird with the customer service. I realize bartenders have to be on the lookout for riffraff and can't always be in the best mood, but I'm starting to get mentally worn out by all of the patronizing behavior. It wasn't horrible, and we've only been out to a couple of places since getting into Oxford, but the servers in Edinburgh were waaaaaaaaaay nicer. Here, they look at me like I'm an idiot. Which, you know, is why I hated a large number of Portland establishments. So that's what I'll have to work on--finding a nice place with nice people where I can write/read/doodle and not feel like I'm The World's Greatest Inconvenience.

However, while lunching I did finish editing one of the short stories for my portfolio! (Well, on paper. Working on fixing the Word doc right now, actually). Now I just need to figure out a good title, after which I can move on to: editing Story No. 2,  and drafting both a CV and the dreaded "personal statement". This weekend, in fact, is both Daniel's and my Grad School Application Weekend, in which we stop procrastinating and (begrudgingly) get some work done. Very exciting. ...yep.

Alright. Back to that editing I was just telling you all about. Now go look at some pictures! :)