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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 1 and 2 - Edinburgh

Ok guys. Get ready for so many pictures.

Let's start with Day 1 (October 11):
We spent a lot of time in airplanes, so we pretty much just took a three hour nap and then ate dinner at the Roseleaf Pub:

Catherine shows us a map of the city


my first cuppa tea in the UK
(Scottish Breakfast)

my dinner: shepherd's pie, with a side of peas*
and what I think was some kind of squash

daniel's "veggie weggie welly-ton"--
which was way more delish than it sounds.
After dinner, we walked home through Leith (I've thought of the Proclaimers a few times this trip), and then went to sleep.

Day 2 (October 12):
First, I need to mention that Daniel and I woke up around 7:30am. After quick breakfast, Catherine was off to meet with her PhD adviser and run some errands, so Daniel and I were on our own until 5:30. This is what we did:

the Monymusk Reliquary! It's teeny!

the Lewis chessmen!

OLD COMPUTER! The pattern woven by the Jacquard loom
was programmed on punch cards (in the 1800s, guys)

We walked for about 45 minutes from Catherine's to the National Galleries, had lunch in the cafe at the downtown library, and then spent the afternoon admiring cool Scottish antiquities at the National Museum of Scotland. At 5ish, we met Catherine near her office at New College and then walked to The Auld Hoose Pub to eat a million nachos with her PhD bros. We got home around 9:30. It's now 11:48pm and I am basically falling asleep while trying to post this, so hopefully you are all ok with it being short and sweet! G'night!

*Stacy: I laughed when I saw them.