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Friday, May 20, 2011

On the menu today...

This is going to be all over the map, probably, but I haven't updated in a while, and I feel bad about that. So this is what you get for making me feel guilty, internet. You get word vomit.

Things Running Around In My Brain:

Hair styles. I am trying my darndest to grow my hair out, but I can not guarantee I will last much longer. I just love short hair too much. In an attempt to temporarily satiate my new-'do desires, I'm going to dye my hair black tonight. The box is sitting in front of me right now. I'm pretty stoked about it. However, it's CHALLENGE TIME!: If anyone sees a super sweet hair cut they think I should rock, please send it to me. I am willing to do very crazy things to my head, so don't hesitate to suggest something outrageous. My only limit is: mullets. Those are a no-no. 

Feminism. I dig modern-day feminism. I think it takes the best parts of lady-championing and does a good job leaving out the misandry. Getting political (even socio-political) on the internet is not my favorite*, but I read this Blurb is a Verb blog post/interview with Dr Lissa Rankin, and I thought it was awesome. Titled "Don't Say 'Coochie' on the Radio", it's a very lively and thoughtful discussion on what body-related topics are deemed appropriate in news media, and the unfortunate inequality of it. Dr. Lissa has a great sense of humor, and Blurb is a Verb is a pretty fun blog for anyone interested in the life of an author (one who oft discusses the publishing world, which I find very mysterious). I highly recommend! Another suggestion for those who love the ladies: read BUST magazine.  ...** 

Writing. Le sigh. Even when I'm not doing it, it's on my mind. The good news is that I finished some flash fiction today! Probably not the most smashing piece of work ever, but I'm pretty fond of it, and I'm hoping to find a suitable publication for submission (i.e. rejection). That's a whole 'nother ball game, though--one I'm saving for tomorrow, because my brain is plum tuckered for today. Also, since I am in a suggest-y mood, I would like to point everyone in the direction of Sugar, who does a column on The Rumpus. I am in love with her. She does advice like nobody's business, from relationships between people to relationships between a girl (or gent) and her writing. If you write, this is a must read. If you don't, I still suggest you read it. Few people are as uplifting.

Raptors. Any time people mention The Rapture that's supposedly happening tomorrow, I get a little bit uncomfortable--until I auto-correct their chatter in my brain to a discussion about Raptors. Because raptors are awesome. I don't especially want little herds of them running around, but thinking about those adorable, flesh-eating dinosaurs is much more mentally rewarding than whatever scary apocalypse people are cooking up. I do not like thinking about the apocalypse, unless it pertains to my rap career.*** 

Guess that's it? Maybe? In the meantime, here is a picture I drew of a raptor and a chicken quite some time ago (2 years, man. I was a BABY back in 2009). They look alike! Hint: because chickens are dinosaurs. 

The arrows indicate that they have all the same body parts. My science is flawless.****


*I am certainly glad to discuss my opinions, I just prefer to do it in person. The internet is too anonymous, and some people have a tendency to get downright mean. I like nice people.
**And if you fancy yourself the sexually liberated type, I will add a couple 18+ blogs in this footnote that are NSFW but super awesome. Warning, though: they are not for the faint of heart! This one is a new blog by an adventuresome and well-informed young lady from my old home town, and this one is by an amazingly smart, funny woman (with a PhD in Human Sexuality Education) who always has great Q and A, interviews, and links to really interesting news. I apologize if I freak anybody out with these blog suggestions, but if I consider "knowledge is power" to be one of my Ye Olde Pillars of Truth, then I am obligated (and proud!) to present all types of knowledge I find valuable. 
***My sweet rapper alias is, in my fantasy life, Apocellipses. 
****This is a funny joke.