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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moving, et cetera

Hey! Hey guess what! I officially live in Seattle. Wheeeeeee!

It still feels a little bit like I'm visiting because we don't have a new place, so none of my books are up here. It's like a visit... with most of my clothes. But I imagine that after another week or so, it'll start to feel like real life. Especially when my brain realizes that I don't have to leave town and go back to school. Woo!

St. Francis - The Fool
In addition to my awesome move-ee-ness, Daniel got me the most awesome tarot deck ever. I have been (inappropriately, considering the subject matter) coveting it for some time, but it is out of print. However, Daniel has magic powers. So now I own Tarot of the Saints (!!!) by Robert M. Place. The deck is incredibly beautiful and thoughtfully assembled, and the book that comes with it is very thoroughly researched. I'm a lady who loves a good citation, so this deck is like a dream come true.

It's a good thing I want to be a writer. The skills and interests I am most proud of possessing are otherwise of the not-very-marketable variety.

Let's see. Other things. It's been a very stressful week or two, so I'm glad I can finally start decompressing a little bit. I'm hoping to embark on the tackling of Mark Twain's autobiography in the next week or so (the book is a beast--I'm thinking incremental reading will be most appropriate), and on Monday, I will get back on my 500-Words-a-Day horse. Plus, the most exciting thing about being out of school/work (aside from having the opportunity to write) is the prospect of independent research. The world is bursting with amazing things for me to discover--which, I believe, is why libraries were invented. For me. To learn cool things.

Oh! Also, Happy 2011! Sexy prime numbers! Woop!
over and out.