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Thursday, January 13, 2011

DISNEYLAAAAND: a reflection

A list of things that happened on my recent Family Vacation:

1. We went for my dad's 50th birthday and my uncle Jon's 40th. All accounted for, there were 8 adults (Daniel and I included), 2 teenagers, and 5 kids under ten years old. Keeping the group together was very difficult, but we didn't lose anyone for more than about five minutes (and it was always the over-ten-year olds getting separated, thankfully).
2. Daniel and I spent a cumulative 32 hours at Disneyland in 3.5 days. My brothers and parents beat us, with a cumulative 36 hours (Daniel and I opted for some mid-day napping on day 3).
3. Disneyland is still superamazing. It doesn't matter that I am 22 years old--I still get nervous when I'm about to meet Mary Poppins.
4. Conrad hit Matthew in the face with a sandwich.