who the heck knows anything, anyway

Thursday, May 9, 2019

animal dreams, I guess?

1. There was a finch panicking in my bedroom. I helped it out of my window. It flew to the ground and became a fox wearing a bird skin. This seems symbolic. Animals are hella symbolic. Could be some sort of spirit thing? Hm. I should contact Jung through my Ouija board, which is a medium known for very intelligible answers. Although Daniel discourages me from using my Ouija board because I am super scared of the Devil and/or Zozo (Even Bustle has a post on Zozo). Still tempted to do it, though. I own this painting of a woman that I'm about 65% sure is haunted, and I want to ask her if she needs me to resolve her unfinished business. I would also like to ask her name, but in the meantime I'm going to call her something fancy and sad, like Eleanor or Beatrice.

2. There was a wounded bobcat, and no one would help me fix its broken paw. But it let me hold it like a baby and it didn't try to bite me or jump out of my arms, so that made me feel nice even though I was sad. BIBLICAL??? I think that's a Bible thing, right? But with the lion and the thorn and a Daniel in its den? There's a joke about how Catholics never read the Bible. The exception is when you're young and it's an illustrated book of stories by Tomie dePaola. Point being that I may be taking liberties. (Wait, the biblical lion was pretty peeved before the thorn was taken out, wasn't it. I'm not going to look it up.)

3. There was a staged horse fight at an open mic night. I don't remember encountering any horse-related media before this dream, so that's a real weird one.

This has been an episode of Talking About Dreams, Which Is Literally The Dumbest Thing To Tell People About Because They Super Don't Care About Your Dreams. Thank you for joining me.