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Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Prints! PIGEONS

I have new prints up on Society6! They come with or without the pithy greetings.

They are dirty Portland pigeons--for all the PDX natives who can never find the right visual representation of their city.

Print 1: Portland Pigeons enjoy trash outside of Big Pink.
Print 2: Pigeon enjoys its perch/poop spot on the top of the Kvinneakt (or "naked lady") statue, made famous by of Bud Clark and his "exposure" to art.

Prints 1.5 and 2.5 have greetings and welcomes. CLASSIC PORTLAND.

Special thanks to Hobart and Aaron Burch for inviting me to make these for an interview piece that will be coming out soon. I'll link to that as soon as it's out. You'll definitely want to read it.

You can buy my prints (mugs, t-shirts, stationary, etc etc etc) here.