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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cheekiness Wins Out

Today I struggled over an internal (and external--thank you, Twitter, for existing) debate to change my "personal branding." Never did I think this would be an issue for me, but here we are. I do social media and brand management for a few people/organizations, and I've started to worry that people might conflate me and my opinions and my personal work and my self with the work I do for others. So I was thinking about changing my Twitter handle, and associating my Name with a more Refined and Professional Appearance.

But that was lame of me. Here's why:

1. I don't plan on being a brand manager when I grow up. I am a writer and artist, first and foremost. Those don't pay the bills right now, but they are who I am, and I want people who follow me on social media to have a personal relationship with me. Me me. Not some fake version of me that never says "poop." I say poop literally every day in real life.

2. I never say anything mean on social media. That's my personal rule about the internet: I don't talk smack about people. So if someone doesn't like my social self, that's cool--it means we have different tastes, and that's fine! If it's not fine with you, then you are probably what is commonly knows as "a Hater."

3. Most of my concerns are geo-centric: I'm afraid of people in the UK finding me crass. Since when does fear tell me who to be? The whole reason I set up Scout! was to provide a different kind of PR person--the kind that's goofy and hands-on and personable. I have some straight-edge jobs right now, and I love them, and I work hard at them, but I hope people realize that I am different from the jobs that I have. My opinions are my own, and not those of any organization. I'm a beautiful, independent flower.

4. Seriously, a person should only change their flow if they are a mean person.