who the heck knows anything, anyway

Monday, April 29, 2013


Updates on life, in convenient list form:

1. Operation Social Time was a success! I actually ran into someone at Life Drawing who I'd met at a party about a month ago. And she's awesome (obviously--I mean, we ran into each other at a community center life drawing night). Success! After I came home that night, I put on my pjs and battled the usual feelings of embarrassment (because I am always so dang convinced I've said a million stupid things) and then passed thoroughly out.

2. Went to some new pubs. Found a little one downtown that I'll probably frequent, and spent some time in the sunshine drinking ginger beer on the front lawn of another that's right by Port Meadow.

3. Sunshine is great. Glad we had like two days of it before winter decided to return. Back to getting vitamin D in pill form...

4. My new favorite place is the small Polish grocery store in the little outdoor shopping center by my house. They've been open for about two weeks, and I've been in there five times already. A bag of frozen pierogi for £2? A huge jar of sauerkraut for £0.99? YES PLEASE. I'm working on my Polish, because I seem to be the only non-native speaker who shops there. I at least want to be able to say thank you, so I practice saying "dziekuje" (among like 10 other basic phrases) under my breath every day. Polish is such a rad language.

5. Got my eyebrow pierced. It hurt more than a tattoo, I think, or maybe it just hurt differently. It's pretty gnarly to feel someone manually shove a fat needle into and out of your face. Was a slower process than nose (or ears)--only by a few seconds, but that's a surprisingly long time in context. It's funny how I'm such a wimp about getting shots, but tattoos and piercings make me feel meditative and chill. Ah, the mysteries of the human brain.

6. Turned in my last (non-final-portfolio) packet of the semester on Friday after much kicking and screaming and gnashing of teeth. The novel, she progresses.

7. In case you're totally curious about what I'm reading right now: Nausea by Sartre, Blood Meridian by McCarthy.

8. Game of Thrones, amiright?