who the heck knows anything, anyway

Thursday, March 14, 2013

There's no real "reason" for me to blog today, because I have a million things I'm working on and also I'm mentally exhausted by the past few days, but maybe no reason is the best reason! So, let's see what my brainmouth poops out:

How do people feel about Modafinil? I am currently treating my assortment of weird sleep problems (including being tired every day from about 1pm to 6pm no matter how many/few hours I sleep) by POWERING THROUGH like the hardcore lady I can occasionally be. I'm still tired, but I pretend like I'm a three year old and just run around every time I'm sleepy. It works alright. The last two days were extremely productive! But today I am really, really tired. Too bad! More running! Hm. I've tried a cocktail of vitamins to help both with my quality of sleep and quality of wakefulness, buuuut my results are pretty non-conclusive. Or maybe my results ARE conclusive, in that they conclude that the vitamins didn't do poo. I would probably be a vampire/full-fledged night owl if I could, but small town life is not really conducive to that kind of schedule keeping. The bars close at midnight here. Midnight! On Fridays! Anywho, Modafinil is appealing for these reasons. Downsides: I don't know, it's a pharmaceutical drug--theoretically those are "bad"? For reasons? Haha, I'm looking at the list of common side-effects on Wikipedia, and those already all apply to me, so it can't make my baseline feelings any worse, right? (that's a rhetorical question, I'm not stupid, please don't answer that)

Mmmm, I named all of the cat's toys and am attempting to teach her their names by holding them in front of her face and saying them over and over and over and...etc. This is one of those frivolous experiments that I know will end in failure, but I find it entertaining. Teaching your cat English is much cheaper than going to a movie, folks.

I bought some new glasses on BonLook! They should be sending them to me soon. I am excited. They are "grown-up" glasses for when I want to be presentable at events, or in public generally. I love my current glasses, of course, buuuut they don't really pair as well with dresses as they do with sweatpants. I love me some sweatpants, but I also love to use my eyeballs when I'm wearing fancy trousers. Trousers. heh.

Yeaaaahhh that's about all I got. I'm not gonna talk long-windedly about il Papa, or the VM kickstarter (except to say that I donated to it, so you can probably draw your own conclusions about my opinion on the matter), or how sad I am about Google Reader going away, because those things--and the commentary surrounding them*--probably account for why I am so tired today, and are definitely why I drank half a bottle of wine last night.

Now: need more tea. I am NOT ALLOWED TO NAP. bleghhhh

*ALL OF THESE HAPPENED IN THE SAME DAY, so, I experience pretty intense mental overload. Ughhh. Too much for me, man. My mental computer had to be restarted. As you can tell, my poor brainputer is not, as of yet, back to full-functioning.