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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

just some ol' tuesday bloggin

I'm trying really hard to work today, but either I can only tap into the good stuff after 4pm (my most productive times this week have been 4pm-7pm and 8pm-1am, but I figured that was a jet lag issue), or I'm having an off day. We'll see. The day is still young and all.

Spent most of this late morning/early afternoon listening to Bruce Springsteen and Josh Ritter. So even though it hasn't been a productive day, per say, it definitely hasn't been a bad day.

Work's going alright, all things considered. Writing feels kind of like doing magic or something: it's not necessarily difficult in intellectual terms, but it's really physically exhausting.

Want to know what my favorite thing has been in the last few days? I mean, aside from getting a surprising amount of work done. Yeah, I finally saw the X-Files episode on which this Gravity Falls is based. Why aren't more people swooning about this on the internet? Seriously, the GF episode is a perfect parody (or homage). Writer friends: you will probably get a kick out of all the Moby-Dick references in the X-Files episode. A few are really subtle. Mmmm, X-Files.

I drew this while marathoning episodes on Sunday. My hero.

Big Reveal for those of you who haven't been on the receiving end of my love-yelling about how good Gravity Falls is (I know I have, in fact, yelled at everyone, but in case you haven't listened): my two favorite shows are actually pretty much the same show. I am a predictable creature with particular loves. Speaking of GF, I think it comes back on in the next week or two! Stateside friends: watch it so that it doesn't get cancelled. It's genius.

The other, non-Scully pictures on this here blog were taken at writer camp. They're from our beach bonfire. The little squiggly lights over the ocean on that top picture are UFOs fishing boats.