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Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember when you were a kid and you'd be all like "YAY! SUMMER! No school, no job, no responsibilities! I can hang out with my best friend EVERY SINGLE DAY and bum around the skate park and be broke but not give a flying crap because, man, it's summer and we can just we can just watch Almost Famous in Danielle's garage every night."?

Awesomely, I can still conjure up those memories. I can't really remember the feeling, though. You know, the feeling of not being busy and liking it.

Summer has been the busiest season of my life consistently for years. This one is no exception. Trying to balance sanity with the demands of work/school/money/family/friends/moving to a foreign country is going to be, um, well, the word "challenging" is probably an understatement. I need to stop looking for flats before we have a moving date because watching all of the good ones disappear might be more masochistic than I can even handle.

Fortunately, I got to play with Declan this weekend. My cousins are the cutest frickin' kids. I have to say: I'm very lucky to have my family. Both sides are supportive and amazing, and I'm going to miss the heck out of afternoons like this.

Hopefully next weekend is as bright and beautiful as this one was. Littlest bro (bottom picture) danced at Folk Life today. He was awesome! And Daniel's making dinner tonight! I like it when that happens. See? I'm keeping it positive. I may have a few mental breakdowns in the coming weeks, but it's nothing D and I can't handle. PLUS!!!: getting a haircut when we go down to PDX for Matthew's graduation. It's gonna be SHORT AGAIN. I'm stoked. Don't know if you could tell. Pictures will be provided eventually (as I've said before: blogging from P-town? it rarely happens).

Food time! Over and out.