who the heck knows anything, anyway

Friday, April 13, 2012

Seattle is totally gorgeous today. Just letting you know.

I've been exercising like a real human recently! My doctor would be proud--if I had insurance and could tell her. Heh. Anywhoo, I think I am maybe starting to enjoy it? Or, at least, I'm starting to get addicted enough to some part of it that it doesn't seem like a terrible idea all the time. Obviously, I love climbing. Love. However, I can only get to the rock gym once or twice a week, so I've had to supplement with these things called "workouts". Ugh. Why can't there be a public pool nearby? Columbia, I miss you.

Other than exercising, I'm pretty boring. Stacy stayed with us for a couple of nights, and that was awesome (she's a perfect house-guest, in case you were wondering). Um, I curled my hair the other day and burned my face with the curling iron, like you do. I was sporting a sweet cheek band-aid that made me nostalgic for Nelly -8 years ago. Did you know he's 37 years old? Traumatic, right? Ahh, aging celebrities: you remind us of our own mortality.

Let's take it to a list!

PW3Ning my first V3 at SBP last night ★ ★ ★ 

Falling off that other V3 at the most dangerous point 
pros - hardcore, not permanently wounded; cons - very embarrassing, did not feel good
read a comic about it here (yes, I'm still doing those.*)

This pureed kale popsicle I'm eating +8 health
could be better

Demons, by Dostoevsky (opinion as of pg. 100):  ★ ★ ★  
thoroughly Russian, thoroughly enjoyable

The Age of Bede◔ᴗ◔
like mashed potatoes for the sentimental academic (i.e. comfort food for brains)

Not knowing where we'll be living in three months: +100 zen. 
Remarkably, no longer freaking out.** 

The nap I just took★ ★  
delightful snooze in the sunshine, but overheated a bit in the last 15 minutes or so. may also have been sleep-mumbling.

My hair today: +10 style points for learning to French Braid my own hair. +100000000000000 willpower points for not having chopped my hair off yet. 
It's so long right now. IT GOES DOWN TO MY MID-NECK. Whaaaaaat.

**I would still like to know soon, of course. But, until I know, I'm not panicking about it. Which is a big step for me!