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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Good Cat is Hard to Find

We got a kitty yesterday!

She has, after much deliberation and close consideration of 20+ names, been dubbed Flannery*. She already has about fifty nicknames, including: Honey, Stinky, F. Cat Fitzgerald, Flannaghan, Flan, Anush, and Snugglebutt. Obviously, she has chosen to inhabit a very classy household.

She does love (and I mean love) making biscuits on your legs with her extremely sharp claws (we're getting trimmers today), but that's her only quirk that might be misconstrued by some as "negative". It doesn't bother me one bit.

She's just a little over two years old, so she's hella mellow**. Yes, I'm just going to brag about my pet for a while. She's my first pet*** so, please, just allow me this. The foster parents (who were amazing. SPOT up in Burlington finds great people to take care of their animals) think she's part Russian Blue and part Ocicat or Bengal. She's definitely snuggly, beautiful, not afraid of people, quick to adjust to her new home, and she has stripes and spots (along with a sharp little chin--her face is very triangular) for the win. Meow. My pretty wildcat kitty.

this is her "leg hug". a typical move.
this is after being an amazing cat and sleeping in her own bed all night, no problem

daniel shows her the new scratching post

It's funny, I have a few pictures (like the last one) where she looks totally grey, and others where she's super stripey. CHAMELEON KITTY. The best kitty.

Later today Tomorrow, I'm going to scan those deities from the week! There are only five of them (busy week--and one night I opted for intense reading instead of drawing, which is a fair trade in my opinion), but I'm keeping up with it fairly well, considering! My most recent two have turned out pretty well, actually. But I'll save all this art-discussing for later! Thanks for indulging my pet-owner-gushing. Flannery is a badass. I can't promise that I will stop posting pictures of her after this.

update: as it turns out, this afternoon was busy, too, and tonight we're going bowling, so... I'll scan tomorrow. sorry! :/

*Hence the amazing title of this post.
**both of us lack the patience for a kitten. that's way too much like being a parent. up all night? nooooo thank you.
***I had plenty of pets growing up, and am a master pet sitter, but she's the first one that belongs to me, to us!--it's up to Daniel and I to figure out her diet, trim her nails, make sure she gets enough exercise, take her to the vet for check-ups, all that business. Cleaning up poop ain't no thang (seriously, there has been so much poop in my life. Crap doesn't even faze me), but making sure she stays a healthy little bug is occasionally intimidating. I'm sure I'll get used to it, though!