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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Daily Deity #5 - Thoth

I missed yesterday. Already, one day missed! But whatever, because I was traveling, and I feel that's a valid excuse. Now, safe and sound at the parentals' for the holidays, I can get back to it.

I did two of them today. That can be my penance. The first one was my "warm up" and the second is more my personal style.

warmin' up
(again, these pictures taken with my phone. haaaa.)

doin' the good stuff

Obviously, my idea of the good stuff is drawing a cartoon. Plus, cartooning is faaaast! The first one took me about half an hour, and the second took me maybe five minutes. I realized, after sketching the first (and then trying to make it interesting with some shading and sharp lines), that I should really be allowing myself a warm up and then actually going for it in my style instead of settling for things that are slightly boring. I mean, Fenrir took me two drunk minutes to draw, and he was great. I just need to loosen up! Which, coincidentally, was the same advice I gave my dad. My papa was somehow convinced* to sit down with me and draw a little bit. My dad is an artist, plain and simple**, but he hasn't drawn in a while. My goal during this little holiday is to get him back into it. Things were a bit stiff today (I 100% understand. Sometimes, I'm just a crappy draw-er), but the two of us are in agreement that if we can get him into a groove, he'll be doing sweet sketches by Christmas. Hooray! Holiday magics!

I'm too lazy to tell you a bunch about Thoth, but he's a wise scribe, depicted with the head of an ibis or baboon. Unlike some of the previous deities, there's plenty of cool info on him, just a google (or wikipedia)
search away.

Today has been remarkably good. I'm exhausted from sleeping in the basement with the guinea pigs (they looooove getting loud around 2am, and really do a stellar job of keeping up the squeaking until 4 or so), and it's butts cold in the house, but I have hot tea, a house full of (currently, extended) family, a super cute corgi pup who loves snuggles, and all sorts of surprising, amazing things that make me want to jump for joy. I do miss my boo (our decision to spend the holidays with our separate families--one in P-town, the other in Northern California--was pretty stupid, but, you know, blah blah absence blah blah fonder), but at this point, the next week and a half look pretty okay. It would be EXTRA AWESOME if it SNOWED. Like, ON CHRISTMAS. Hint hint. However, as I said, I am in no mood to complain. In fact, maybe the snow can wait until Daniel and I are back home in Sea-town and can enjoy it together. Especially considering my lack of packed boots. Hoom.

...you know, upon observation, Thoth's head looks a little like Tall Penguin. I hope that Mr. Muto finds that observation complimentary. :/

*ok, so I nagged him. A lot.
**"genius" is not really a stretch here. I tried to take a picture of one of the drawings he did when he was 18, but it's too dark. I promise to get one up sometime during my stay.