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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wardrobe revamping, super cheap

Two nights ago, around 11pm, I totally lost my marbles and decided to sort through all of my clothes. A couple massive bags of shirts and dresses, two pairs of pants, five pairs of shoes, and four jackets were the casualties of my rampage. The consignment shop took nine things off my hands yesterday (and gave me a whopping $60 in store credit. I can only figure out five of the things they took, but apparently I had some super nice crap that I never wore), and I'm letting friends go through the rest before I donate the leavin's to Lifelong. I also cut up about 7 old t-shirts.

Then, yesterday, I spent $20 of the $60 free dollahs on four new shirts. Today, I bought a pair of pants at Nordstrom. Only $30, though, so I feel no guilt!

When I go down to the ol' hometown next week, I'll be getting my hair 'did. (Blue, naturally)

It's refreshing to start over a little bit. That's sort of hard to do when you don't have a lot of money, but when sanity is on the line, I think it's worth it. I've been having a lot of appearance issues lately, and I wanted to find clothes that were both flattering and not totally juvenile. (I ditched all of my peter-pan collared and ruffly dresses, along with all of the stuff that never fit correctly to begin with.) Inventing a new look is pretty exciting--even if it's simply the natural evolution of its previous incarnation (in short, I now dress like a classy, 20-somethings rocker chic, instead of a teenage one). I wanted something that was hot with or without heels (because I'm a wimp. I LOVE HEELS. I just have absolutely no reason to ever put them on), would look hardcore and feminine simultaneously, and would not require long hair to pull it all off effectively. I think I've succeeded. As much as one can, when one can't afford a personal shopper or designer duds, anyway. Such is the plight of the penniless Fashion Lover who doesn't own a sewing machine, and probably couldn't afford the fabric even if she did. That ish is expensive.

I've also started exercising with renewed vigor! My legs can verify this claim, as they scream furiously whenever I try to move.

Self-betterment, man. It's pretty neat.
It also releases all kinds of chemicals into your brain. Hooray! Brain chemicals!

My only complaint this week is that I've been feeling very antsy/handsy/restless. This not only accounts for my late-night clothing revolt, but for my lack of ability to sit down and finish the story I'm currently writing. Instead, I feel like MAKING things. Tangible, aesthetically pleasing, decorative, functional, interesting things. I'm horrible at prioritizing work when I have these crafting impulses floating around, and no real project toward which I might apply them. Instead of working for a few hours on Project (A) and then writing for a few hours, I spend about 5 hours on design blogs, find nothing I want to make, and then futz about the house. I really need a good project. SIGH.

I could, additionally, use more time to relax.

Let's end it on a light note, though! I'm feeling fit, I'm totally happy, and the fact that my current creative complaint is that I'm not stretched thinly enough is, by all counts, a pretty good sign. As long as I can keep this on track and not find too many new things to panic about, I'd say September is looking to be a pretty good month.