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Monday, June 20, 2011

Rejoining Academia (...Maybe)

Two posts in two days? I must be on fire.

So, brand new as of last night, I've decided that I'm going to apply to grad schools with the goal of beginning a program Fall 2012. There are a few conditions (personal parameters), however, that are at play here. First, I am only applying to schools that could provide me with full funding* and a living stipend. Second, I am only applying to top tier MFA programs.

Though the prior no doubt makes sense to any liberal arts major who is considering grad school, the latter might appear a bit odd (i.e. limiting, or even egomaniacal). But here's how I see it: I've been on the fence about a Masters for the past few years, never knowing if it was "right for me." The thought struck me that, since I am not desperate to attend just any school, I should just go for gold and try to get into the best programs I can find.** Why not, right? And if I don't get in, then my situation is no different than it is now. I can make writing work no matter what, but the extra deadlines, support, and potential connections would be pretty nice, too. So I signed up for the GRE***, which I am taking in August, and I've made a list of four schools that look pretty rad. Stay tuned for lots of bitching about standardized tests and how I have to remember how to do a bunch of crappy math. In the meantime, want to see my school list?? (They are generally in no particular order, though the Michener Center is probably my #1.)

The Michener Center for Writers @ UT Austin
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Oregon

And now I have to run and catch a train to P-town. Ciao for now, folks!

*either through tuition wavers or in combination with teaching assistantships
**that also seem awesome. A few sounded a bit too academic, and I'm looking primarily for studio-based MFAs. Also, if your website is mean or if your campus is incredibly ugly, I scratched you off my list.
***Pro tip: the GRE is 50% off if you take it in August or September. Eighty dollars is much better than $160--especially when you are paying money to be tortured.