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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Most of this Ended in Footnotes.

Things I have been thinking about:

1. Motivation Deficit*
My writing is a bit tapped out this week, and I don't know if I'll have my next segment ready in time. I suppose I could analyze this any number of ways, but I think simplicity is best in this case: I just need a little time to, as Anne Lamott suggests (and I may be paraphrasing a little), "fill back up." So I've been doodling and working on an editing job and reading a great nonfiction book.

2. I am out of Nat Shermans.
Do I buy more?**

3. Comics/Graphic Novels
I need some suggestions on new stuff to read. I have felt woefully under-comicked since 100 Bullets and Scott Pilgrim ended*** and a certain bald man and I had a falling out****.

4. Food
My stomach has been in a bad way a few evenings in a row. I need to figure something out. I'm preemptively blaming an over-doing of legumes paired with inconsistent meal times. ALSO: if you have a really great food blog you read, send it my way. I'm forming a collection.

5. I want to...take a class.
I think part of my lack-of-motivation-due-to-brain-emptiness could be aided by my learning something new. However, the community ed classes (i.e. cheap, and aimed at actually learning things--well, in theory) at the local community college all look super boring and easy. I was hoping for something like Intro to Clock Making or Motorcycle Mechanics 101 or Marine Botany for the Perpetually Curious. I mean, I would pretty much go for anything interesting. But Cheap Classes are apparently synonymous with Hella Boring Classes (Bookkeeping! Beginning Spanish! Meyers-Briggs Tests To Learn More About Yourself! Learn to Row!). The closest to my liking was Hands-On Home Repair, but my dad can teach me everything in that/the entire Do It Yourself section (and my dad taught himself how to fix crap and BUILD A HOUSE like 100% from a book, so I have relative confidence in my ability to fix a sink). I just want to learn cool stuff! Why is that so friggin' hard?! UUUUGHGHHDSSHAJBEEIKDSA. It's tough to be a modern girl who wishes she had the apprenticeship opportunities available to boys like a gagillion years ago. (angst. angst. angst.)

But now I am hungry, and will go eat lunch so as to avoid putting it off until 4pm (see #4). Then I will probably nap, because that is my awesome new habit.

*this is fairly writing-specific. Art-wise, I'm feeling very motivated, but suffering the exact opposite problem--a great lack of projects.
**if yes, do I buy them sooner or later? kind of awesome for my general health that this is a possible debate, though.
***partially a result of being busy. I'm just now catching up on all the awesome crap like Old Man Logan--which I have on hold at the library. Come to me, Millar!
****So, please, do not suggest: Powers, Goldfish, Siege, etc. I will not read them^ (and I wouldn't have read Siege anyway, because his Marvel stuff was never as good as his creator-owned work). Also, note that he once told my class that he thinks it's stupid to use a lot of speech bubbles. And yet, behold this satirical representation that is oh-so-accurate: http://www.letsbefriendsagain.com/2009/06/28/its-under-investgation/ 
^I did read Powers for a long time, I just do not continue to read Powers. There are some writers who are probably egotistical jerks whose books I still read, but they were not jerks to me, repeatedly, so I don't mind admiring their work. I just try not to meet people I admire anymore. I am oft disappointed.^^
^^This is part of why I maintain a goal of being super nice to everyone. I would not want anyone to be disappointed in me.