Taking a Tattooing Break

Hello, all you amazing clients and friends,

Due to some health issues, I am taking a break from tattooing. At this point, I'm not sure that I'll start up with it again, outside of a hobby capacity, but you never know. Check back every once in a while for updates.

Tattoo clients who have already scheduled with me will still have their appointments honored, no worries. And I am still doing some writing and art freelance, so you can continue contact me about those sorts of projects.

Much love,



The Apiary Tattoo Studio

Clean, comfortable, and state-licensed--that's right, my private studio is open for business! I'll be taking appointments here beginning September 1, 2016. My goal is to provide a thoroughly enjoyable one-on-one tattooing experience for my amazing clients--from first timers to seasoned vets. No one should feel intimidated or "not cool enough" to get tattooed!

There's even a new Instagram account set up exclusively for my tattoo work. Fewer cat pics than my personal account. ;)

No walk-ins, appointment only. Hit me up for details using the form on my Contact page!

It's official!

My apprenticeship is over and I have been officially licensed as a tattoo artist by the OHLA. My books are open, and I'll be working soon out of a private studio in St Johns. So mosey on over to my contact form and let me know about all of your tattooing desires! Flash pieces are priced individually, and custom work will be priced according to size, detail, colors, etc. Let's schedule a consult! 


Taking appointments for May 12th Onward!

So hit me up for all your tattoo needs!

Other news:
--I've added a tab under "Tattoos" that includes some available pieces--check them out! 
--I am absolutely open to trades. I am willing to offer substantial discounts or straight trade-for-trade, depending on the situation. If you're interested, let me know! Especially keen on trading tattoos for carpentry or house renovation--in these cases, I offer trade-for-trade value PLUS an extra $100 worth of tattooing, in addition to the amount of the trade (e.g. You offer me $1000 of work, and I offer you at *least* $1100 worth of tattoo hours).

Books Closed Until May

Hey everyone! My apprenticeship is coming to an end, and I am about to enter that magical limbo known as "License Testing." I'll post again when my books are back open. I expect this will be within the first week or two of May. I'll probably be changing locations then, as well, but more on that when I post on opening.

Thanks for your love and support. Looking forward to arting more of you up in the coming months!


Tattoo Bookings are OPEN!

Hey everybody! I'll be booking appointments at Forbidden Body Art from February 11 until April or so. Since I'm currently at the apprentice level, my work at the shop is priced thusly:


*or equivalent square inches

I prefer to do custom work or to tattoo my own flash pieces, but am also hella open to doing comics-based pieces or adapting your original work. All indie art reproductions will only be done with permission from the creator, so get that sweet, sweet permission! :)

Fill out the contact sheet or hit me up on Facebook for appointments!